When you’re feeling lonely what makes you feel better?

OOhhhh I soo used to read Joel Osteen, read and reread and watched him on computer. He is uplifting when you need a good news perspective. It gives me hope to listen to him speak Gods word. And these were during my very little in the frig, 250sq feet apt with everything, yes, toilet, shower, bathsink, office, dining, queen bed, dresser, closet, kitchen sink cabinets stove frigw/freezer, ooh even a touch of room for tv, no couch,,,bed doubled as living room couch,,,,and two chairs in case in company which did happen occasionally,,,,luckily…..had joel osteen, my faith, a few much appreciated friends, but no family and often times a negative checking account but I worked hard at the local hospital and but of gosh darn course wasted much time over a mr. sooo not worth my time……goodness,,with hardship comes growth,,,and I just grew and grew,,,,

Prior to being married for 10.5 years and single at 30,,,,I honestly hadn’t experienced lonliness,,,,Im glad for it now,,,,lonliness I believe is really just God pulling us closer.

Long lonely note from a newlywed that also now has meaningful work…………..and terribly lucky feeling……

I’ll think of you….

Take Care

You’ve got a friend in beer!lol jk.Dont worry i’m here for ya,and i’m not going anywhere,cause your getting the beer.Lol i’m sorry,but really,you stop being lonely from the second you called me.

Finding a friend to hang out with, talk to on the phone, email with, or IM with …… or do an activity you enjoy to stay busy like watching a rented movie or going shopping …… just sitting alone is the worst thing you can do ……. = )

Talking to a family member or a friend!

My favorite music turned up loud at home and singing!

do something you love doing, or something you wanted to do but kept postponing ..
do it with complete passion .. and you are not lonely ..
good luck … 🙂

Calling my oldest friend

a hug and some encouragement words

someone saying they care about me usually helps.;;;
besides my husband, coz he just wants me happy enough to keep slaving about for him. Its not sincere enough to count anymore.

singing the ABC’s in french while playing the drums

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