Who’s more racist? Theists or Atheists in your personal opinion?

If you think people are a colour you are already well defeated.
I cast you out a sheep amongst the wolves.

There is really no such thing as race or religion, as life & man is a product of varying global environmental circumstances, and of course man has always tried to work out why he exists.
The word “Race” is just man creating and categorizing in order to recognize, this weakness being exploited for the purposes of government control, keeping the masses in trouble and preoccupied with them selves.(Social Division)
(A consequence of mans ever evolving ego which is still evolving and being exploited)

What we have right now are culture clashes as a result of many mind sets being colonialist, colloquial, uneducated and indoctrinated. I.E. “Living in our own little world!”(These weakness exploited by those at the top of the food chain for government purposes, hierarchical power and self preservation. The people doing the exploiting will typically be more sociopolitical, sociopathic and better educated. I.E (Exploit their lack of knowledge, Keep them in trouble, Minds divided and in modern times with the use of economics and bureaucracy)
Maybe this will always be so!

We are a perpetually, accentuating product of environmental circumstance that has no choice other than to do onto others as was done onto us without incurring some damage and knowledge upon ourselves.
We learn and then perpetuate our behavior whilst exhibiting our hierarchical status.
We do this for the need to justify our perpetually instinctive actions to our selves.
This is what we know as culture.
There is no escape and anyone at any time can become the victim, that’s if we are not all victims in the first place. Always look at your self and the consequences of your actions. Life is a perpetual accentuation of your self, in that I mean for what you do onto others is how others perceive you to be, and you only exist as a result of the existence of others.
Good luck!

As a result of the mechanics in place from which all life is produced , Unfortunately we have no idea, nor can we feel or experience the good things/times in life without having to enduring the bad times. This is also how we advance. So world peace is the last thing people want believe me! I would like us to eradicate the extremes though that lead to needless deaths like war and genocide. Also people in drugs, gambling and Arms should consider this.as any one of them wipes out cultures and destroy families.

It’s only because of the primitively evolved ego that we think we exist for some predetermined reason.

I’ve met more racist theists than racist atheists. But then again, I’ve met more theists who own Blu-Ray players too. That’s because there are more theists than atheists in the world

Some Theists are racist, some Atheist are racist.
But people use to say muslims hate when people don’t believe in the same they do.
I don’t know if you mean “other religions” with “race”.

I’ve met some racist Atheists and Theists so the answer is:
We even have some here (Atheist and Theist)

Definitely, atheist totalitarian socialists (Stalin, ,Mao) and authoritarian National Socialists ( Hitler,Mussolini,Asshur) are and were. Racism is political. Know the truth, it will make you free. Everybody is a descendant of Noah.

Which theists and which atheists?

Are we talking Christians over Buddhists? Muslims over Scientologists? Fill me in here…

I have very little information to adequately support an opinion, but I am inclined to believe that theists tend to be more racist.

Depends on the individual, however I know the Black Panthers and KKK certainly aren’t Atheistic organisations.

Personally I think both can be racist without even realising it.

For example if a black person (Theist or Atheist) says “that’s redneck” it could taken as racism.

Same for a white person saying “that’s so ghetto”.

Until I meet every single theist and atheist, I cannot possibly give you an answer.

Theist. Just look at the Republicans. Some studies have pointed to this as well. For example http://uscnews.usc.edu/university/study_…

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