Why do theists make the claim that the worst mass murderers in history were atheist?

I know this is beating a dead horse.We all know Hitler,Mussolini were catholic and you’d be hard pressed to find an organization with more blood on it’s hands…but what about Pol Pot and Stalin?
Do they forget that Russia is now and has always been predominately Russian orthodox and it was people of this…

Because they get their ‘information’ from church propaganda instead of actual history. They don’t care about facts, they only care about propagating their mythology and demonizing anyone who doesn’t buy into it. It’s textbook delusional cult mentality.

Because by and large, they were. This is more a matter of historical accident than anything else – it just so happens that men having been given the power to kill an enormous number of people easily and without a great deal of personal risk decided they were essentially their own gods. At no time in history has the capacity of humanity to kill each other been as great as in the last century.

That doesn’t mean atheism caused their actions, and this is the area “christian logic” such as it is, falls over. Some people are just evil. Evil people don’t tend to respect gods much – evil Christians throughout history have rarely respected the “love thy neighbour” aspect of that particular faith after all.

Essentially, Christians are claiming this because they think it makes atheism evil. What they don’t appear to realise is that it just makes them look stupid, and means that they have to deny the Christianity of any christian person in history who has done bad things.

I think it was Marxism that was at the bottom of the Bolshevik revolution. Although Marxist views were generally deemed to be innocuous, it caught on fire because of the oppression of the poor by the rich. The balance of wealth was glaringly off.

I think that religion was prevalent throughout the countries you speak of, and entangled with imperialist beliefs. The Kings, Tzars and Emperors were sadly out of touch with the needs of their people….and even if it is so that they inherited this task, and there was actually very little they could do to change their own course, they were blamed for the tyranny of those who had ruled previously.

Exceptions were Sweden, Britain, Luxembourg, Japan, Lichtenstein, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway Denmark and Spain….as you can see, very small countries….but all still have monarchs today (their powers limited).

Most of the royal heads of Europe were from one family.

How can you say Hitler and Mussolini were Catholic? Sure, they grew up in Catholic countries (Austria and Italy), but they never were practicing Catholics in their adult lives. I mean, are all people from Egypt Muslim? No, there are many other religious groups in Egypt, though it is mostly an Islamic country. So you cant just assume somebody is Catholic simply because they come from a Catholic country. In truth, both Hitler and Mussolini tried to break the authority of the Church.

The whole link between religion and mass murder is stupid. Religious people dont kill people, Atheists dont kill people, but simply, people kill people. Thats it.

Did Pol Pot and Stalin do their share of murder out of atheism or something else entirely. That is something you have to ask yourself.

The answer is something else entirely. Most of the murders were political and had nothing to do with atheism.

Because the believers who make that claim are either deluded, liars, or both.

Stalin was Russian Orthodox.

Mao MAY have been an atheist but he certainly didn’t kill in the name of atheism.

c’mon kirk,huh ?
hitler etc followed the Law ? church went after the church ? no catholics gassed/executed ?

iregard to stalin and the orthodox,same thing –church went against the church ? how many priests,monks,nuns and believers were slain rather than deny Christ ?

give all and yourself a break and brush up on some unadulterated historical facts.

worst mass murderers were the communists who are aetheist,therefore the aetheist communists are the worst mass murderers on the face of the earth.

they have difficulty accepting the fact that Pol Pot, Stalin and their ilk killed in the name of a political ideology

Probably because no theists want claim to mass murders.

It’s like admitting you were married to Hitler.

I know I wouldn’t want to admit to being the wife of Hitler…

Atheism ruled and reigned for over 75 years in the Soviet Union, my friend. But I can not imagine a worse mass murderer than Adolph Hitler, and he was Roman Catholic.

Because Christians KNOW that they are right and, by default, those who they think are the most evil MUST not believe in God so they jump to conclusions they don’t bother to confirm before claiming them to be absolute truths. It’s okay with me. I like it when they say stupid things I can prove are stupid.

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