Why do white people deny that the ancient Egyptians were black/Nubian?

The Ancient and Modern Egyptians are one and the same, Arab Semitic White since 5,000 B.C.. Afro centrists wish to claim the Black Nubians as Ancient Egyptians-they ruled Egypt from 800-700 B.C.- based on wishful thinking and hearsay-nothing scientific.. The Arabs were the founders of Egypt and ruled about 5000 of those years, the remainder ruled by Turks, Iranians/Persians,Romans, and Greeks-all Indo European Whites. Egypt has the same composition today as it had in ancient times.Nubians to still live within Egypt’s borders.

Both Ancient and Modern Egyptians were/are Arab Semitic White (65% of Egypt’s population) as shall be demonstrated shortly. The “Hamitic theory” has been proven wrong and outdated by DNA(haploid testing) as well as anthropological testing. The Hamites have been described from the whole spectrum of Black to White(both Semitic and Indo European Aryan) to any admixture. About 30% is Black(mostly Nubian, some Nilotic), Black/Arab admixture-the Berbers and Moors are essentially Arabs with 8-15% Black heritage, and 5% all other ethnicities. The confusion comes about because Afro centrists such as Dr. Ray Hagin, wish to claim the Black Nubians/ people of Kemet were Ancient Egyptians based on hearsay and not science, nor even the Bible-often misinterpeted. Ancient Nubia encompassed the lower Southwestern corner of present day Egypt(annexed in 1520 B.C.), the remainder being present day Sudan. Additionally, there were Black Nubian Pharoahs for an extremely short time frame from 800-700 B.C.. Many of the Pharoahs do exhibit admixture-Black/Arab mix as would be expected when two or more ethnicities are in close contact. Interestingly, National Geographic sponsored three professional teams- American, Egyptian, and French to produce busts from x-rays of King Tut’s mummy. The Egyptians and French were told whom they were working on, the Americans were not. Remarkably, the three teams came up with very similar looking busts, all three claiming King Tut was Caucasian. I will part with the experts here. My opinion is, King Tut appears of mixed Black/Arab heritage for the following reasons-he demonstrates a pronounced external occipital protuberance, almond shaped eyes, pronounced high cheek bones, scoop shoveled, teeth, and slightly fuller lips than most Caucasian – all Black features. He demonstrates a high forehead, pronounced, narrow nose, lips thinner than the average Black, oval head structure, and a recessed jaw ( most Blacks exhibit non medical prognathism-jaw slightly pronounced) – White features. He was probably of the exact same heritage as Anwar Sadat-Egyptian Arab Semitic White father-Sudanese/ Nubian/ Kemet mother-he denied this until shortly before his death. He always claimed Arab Semitic White.

***NOTE*** – Afro centrists make the claim Egypt is in Africa, so Egypt is Black. Because one lives in/originates in, Africa does NOT mean that person is Black, but African. ***A full ONE THIRD of Africa(North) is Arab Semitic White.***


Arab(Semitic Whites) Americans: Lebanese heritage: Ralph Nader, Jamie Farr(Clinger on Mash), and the late Danny Thomas.

Arab( Semitic White) Americans: Egyptian heritage: Dina Powell, Rami Malek

compared to:

MIXED: half Arab(Semitic White)-Egyptian/half Black(Sudanese): Anwar Sadat

Black Americans: Bill Cosby, Denzel Washington, and Will Smith

Clearly, you can tell the sets of men and one woman, do NOT fit in the same ethnic classification.The late Anwar Sadat, was half Arab (Semitic White)-Egyptian and half Black(Sudanese), many of the same features attributed to King Tut, whom most likely, was also biethnic( new term I created along with multiethnic-help get them into popular usage by using them).

When Blacks and Egyptians(Semitic Whites) intermarry, Black traits do dominate(i.e.-Anwar Sadat-(Egyptian Semitic White Father-Black Sudanese mother)).

Homo sapiens idaltu, (similar to modern Blacks/N*egroid features) whom had Black features and Cro Magnon(similar to modern Whites/Caucasoid features) whom had White features, lived in Africa about the same time-both forms of Homo sapiens, now extinct-modern humans are a subspecies of Homo sapiens-Homo sapiens sapiens to be exact-so you can not say the first humans were Black or White. Also, the indigenous(originating there) peoples of Maghreb(the term is generally applied to all of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, but in older Arabic usage pertained only to the area of the three countries between the high ranges of the Atlas Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea), are classified as Aboriginal Caucasoid(resembling/ appearing White/Caucasian). The Ancient Egyptians can no more be called Black than America can be called American Indian for the very same reason-they, quite simply, are NOT.


A sampling of ethnicities in Egypt:


The following link also shows the DNA pattern of Ancient and Modern Egyptians whom were Arab Semitic White, NOT Black or even Hamitic(long outdated and proven wrong):


Genetics of Ancient Egyptians
l Scientists at the University of Cairo tested DNA from the remains of pyramid workers from 2600 BC, and found that the DNA of ancient Egyptians matches that of modern Egyptians. That is, the people living in Egypt now are essentially the same as the people living there thousands of years ago. (Read an excerpt from PBS’s Secrets of the Pharaohs)

l Borgognini-Tarli and G. Paoli, 1982. The ABO blood type frequencies of ancient Egyptians showed no signs of differing significantly from that of present-day Egyptians. According to the authors, “the bloodgroup distribution obtained for Asiut, Gebelen and Aswan necropoles shows resemblances with the present leucoderm population of Egypt and particularly with its more ‘conservative’ fraction (the Copts, MOURANT et al., 1976).”

Transcript Excerpt

Secrets of the Pharaohs
Episode 2: Lost City of the Pyramids
(minute 42)

NARRATOR: But in order to figure out the significance of the pyramids to later generations, the archaeologists still had to find out who the builders had been. Zahi turned back to the tombs, looking for the missing links that would definitively establish who these people were, where they were from, and what had motivated them to take part in this massive project. These questions hold great cultural significance for modern Egyptians, who have had to endure many bizarre theories about who built their most precious national treasures.

DR. ZAHI HAWASS (EGYPTIAN UNDERSECRETARY, GIZA MONUMENTS): It’s very important to know that they were Egyptians. They were not people who came out of the space. They were not came from lost civilizations as we hear these days many stories that do not really have any truth in them at all.

Homo sapiens idaltu, (similar to modern Blacks/N*egroid features) whom had Black features and Cro Magnon(similar to modern Whites/Caucasoid features) whom had White features, lived in Africa about the same time-both forms of Homo sapiens, now extinct-modern humans are a subspecies of Homo sapiens-Homo sapiens sapiens to be exact-so you can not say the first humans were Black or White.Also, the indigenous(originating there) peoples of Maghreb(the term is generally applied to all of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, but in older Arabic usage pertained only to the area of the three countries between the high ranges of the Atlas Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea). are classified as Aboriginal Caucasoid(resembling/appearing White/Caucasian).

NARRATOR: But would the bones support Zahi’s contention that the workforce was Egyptian? Before the discoveries at Giza, scientists in Cairo had been analyzing the DNA of modern Egyptians. Now, they had managed to successfully extract DNA from the ancient bones. A genetic comparison would be able to establish whether a relationship existed. The results were definitive.

DR. MOAMENA KAMEL (IMMUNOLOGIST, CAIRO UNIVERSITY): People who are living here, they are the same as the people who had been living 6000 years ago. OK? And now the moderns are the descendants of these ancient Egyptians.

NARRATOR: The DNA confirmed a close relationship between the modern Egyptians living in the Nile Valley and the ancient workers who had been buried there. For Zahi, this was an extremely significant find.

ZAHI HAWASS: It proves — for no doubt — that the builders of the pyramids were Egyptians. And you know, if they were not Egyptians, they would not have been buried here. They would never be buried in the same method of the ancient Egyptians. You do not have any doubt to tell us that those people are Egyptians at all. They were Egyptian by blood.

Bottom line, The Ancient and Modern Egyptians, are Arab Semitic White, NOT the Black Nubians/peoples of Kemet.The Arabs built most of the pyramids-few were built by the Nubian Pharoahs.Nubians were/are Black, but NOT true Egyptians, whom ANNEXED part of Nubia/Kemet in 1520 B.C.. Arabs Semitic White Egyptians and Black, mostly Nubians/some Nilotics are two different ethnicities.Calling the Ancient Arab Semitic White Egyptians, Black, is akin to calling Americans, American Indians, and wrong for the very same reason, they ARE NOT.Only Arabs and Jews are relatively well defined Semitic White peoples–Hyksos, Chaldeans, Amorites, Canannites, Phonecians, and many other Semitic White peoples have never been clearly defined-again, usually, they are classified as Arabs or Jews or their ancestors, but plenty of room is left for doubt as to what Semitic branch they belong to.The Ancient Egyptians,themselves, did not see themselves as Black Nubians, why should anyone else.

Some probably were. But as Egyptians are north african. Then its reasonable to assume that the ancient Egyptians didn’t look too different from modern Egyptians. Plus if I was to believe everything Afro-Centrists told me, then I would believe that everyone from Rameses the Great to Alfred the Great were Black.

Simple – because they weren’t – at least not most of them anyhow. And scholastically speaking, you are the one with the utterly foundationless “theory” (if that’s what you want to call it)…so YOU are the one that needs to present evidence of your Afrocentric conspiracy theory. Evidence THAT DOES include your own research AND DOES NOT INCLUDE the copy-and-pasted words of your favorite propaganda artist. I don’t know what it is you think you have proven with the nothingness you have presented here….but I can assure you it does not carry the weight you are implying, nor would it convince anyone of anything unless they had already made up their mind.

Was the “honest mind” thing supposed to make us laugh or were you being serious? =) Who has published the dictionary with this skewed definition of “honest” you’ve been brainwashed with? Has it also led you believe that “ignorant” means “those who disagree with me?” Grown folks will tell ya only the ignorant childishly throw around baseless “ignorant” and similar scapegoat labels when they are nervous and have nothing real to contribute to a conversation. Find one.

Because Africa is a continent NOT a.country.
The people at the southern end are not the same as the people at the norhtern end.
The culture that founded Egypt is not the culture that remained on the plains, or in the jungles and interiors.
The northern (Egypt for instance) end is more in the middle eastern region.
The people there look like people from the middle east.
South Africans are South African in look and culture.
It’s a big continent people, it is not homoginized.

They weren’t, it’s not something to keep dwelling on.

Edit: I’ve argued this enough times. You just want people to agree based on what you read online(which research about this topic is twisted many times).

Edit: My answer is ignorant to you and people who think Ancient Egyptians were black. The argument is that Egypt is in Africa, but before Africa was a continent it was Pangea(as where the rest of the continents) BC times people were often mixed, not predominately white or black, the distinct description of the first ancient Egyptians were either Greek/Mediterranean/Arab, not one specific race. And they called themselves Egyptians because that’s where they were, before people labeled or classified themselves as a race. It’s not anything new. Happy?

Edit: Maybe you’re just not very well educated. But you got an answer from me and you provide nothing other than a rant so I believe we can call this quits. No matter what I tell you it’s not going to fit your liking. And you can look at Blacks and Egyptians today, where is the similarities? Blacks live in Britain, Japan, Australia, all over, where is the distinct comparison in features? Grab you some old maps of early civilization. That’s a start.

Something to do with the tomb paintings I spent some time looking at.

They most certainly were black. Archaeologists recently unearthed a chariot with spinning rims with a mummy wearing a golden grill all leaned back in the seat.

Scientific proof!

we deny the black intelligence.

and ”man”, persians are white, some are even whiter than me, some have blond hair too.

Does it even matter what race they were? People are people.

Whites don’t want to admit the pure intelligence of the Africans, and are trying to make themselves seem better.

because all archaeological evidence indicates that they were a people of middle eastern descent

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