If there was a BIG CRISIS as Biden/Powell predicts, would you cooperate with Obama imposing “Executive Orders”?

“The Violent Crime Control Act of 1994 provides
additional powers to the President of the United
States, allowing the suspension of the
Constitution and Constitutional rights of
Americans, construction of detention camps, seizure of
property, and military control of populated areas.
This, teamed with the…

Oh man I know this question will get deleted by yahoo and whatever Fed decides to delete certain “uncomfortable” questions.

No, I won’t cooperate with the SS or the Gestapo in their attempts to seize absolute power in this country. Who was president when that asinine Violent Crime Control Act was passed?

Anyone else surprised that there actually is something out there that the Dems created that allows they government to take away all of our freedoms?!?!?!?!? I’m not!

They would have one hell of a time trying to get me to cooperate! We would be seeing another revolutionary war!

Lets all give Clinton a big F*ck You for this one!


define cooperate with..

and they won’t hold up… a LAW can’t authorize suspension of the constitution.. ONLY an amendment can do that.. the second they are enforced the judiciary will overrule.

Nope. They can expect heavy resistance from me, and millions of others. Its not going to happen. They can pull any False Flag attack they like, but at least a third of this country knows who the real perpetrators are. What’s one third of 300 Million again? lol!

They are going to lose, it is inevitable.

I won’t but there won’t be much we can do about it. However if you think about it if that law was enacted in 1994 by Clinton and Bush didn’t use it on 9/11 then I don’t really see Obama doing it either.

EDIT: To the spineless f*ck who gave me a thumbs down, do you have the testicles to tell me why? If Obama does enact dictatorial power it’ll be because of something 100 times worse than 9/11. I’m in New York and while 9/11 was a horrible day — in the world of terror it’s NOT that big when you really look at it. If and when Obama assumes total control trust me… you’ll have begged for it for DAYS.

Nope! Thats when Im going to lock n load

pfffft… F no. If it’s a generated crisis like Biden thinks it will be, pffffffffffffft forget cooperating. Resist martial law.

I think we may be seeing that crisis right now in Israel.

We don’t have a choice in cooperating, now do we? How do you like bush’s last minute executive orders?

Where did you get a copy of mao obama’s orders. I thought he had them sealed.

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