Rock and Pop: What, in your opinion, is the most underrated album by your favorite band?

BQ: The most overrated?

I think ‘Abigail’ is King Diamond’s most overrated, and ‘Abigail II: The Revenge’ is his most underrated. ‘Don’t Break the Oath’ is Mercyful Fate’s most overrated and ‘Into the Unknown’ is their most underrated.

In my opinion.

Well, as you know Iron Maiden is my favorite band.

And IMO, “DANCE OF DEATH” is horribly underrated. Their post 2000 Prog bent tends to get short shrift amongst classic fans, and the album get’s extra grief for it’s horrid excuse for an album cover (and that IS justified, the cover stinks).

But, IMO, it’s their 5th best album. Not a weak track on it, and a lot of pretty inventive stuff. The first couple of tracks are high energy fast songs, pretty much falling into the mold of 80s Maiden hits. Starting with “No More Lies” though, is when it truly starts to get interesting, and from “Paschendale” til it’s end is when it hits on all cylinders. Every one of those tracks are top 50 Maiden.

BQ: As for most overrated?
It has one true classic, in “Hallowed be Thy Name” and a couple decent tracks, “Run to the Hills” and the title track (which is in itself really overrated. Musically very average, but admittedly fun for sing a longs at the concert).

The rest of the album? Average to downright dismal. This album is popular due more to the continued shock value of it’s title than it’s actual quality.

I agree with Killer Peaches about Dance of Death, which to me, is one of Iron Maidens best albums.
But I would say X Factor and Virtual 11 from Iron Maiden are underrated. Both are great albums. Virtual 11 is the better of the two, almost every song (accept for Eye of a Stranger, a bit cheesy) is great. Blaze Baily is a good singer and it works for both Maiden and him. When I hear Bruce D doing songs from those 2 albums, I feel they really belong to Blaze (Bruce is the man, don’t get me wrong). The problem with X Factor is the opening song, Sign of the Cross. Not a bad song, but a bit of a bore to open a CD with, that has a new, lots to prove singer.
Also, everything WASP has done since Crimson Idol is underrated. The nine albums that came after Crimson are all great. Part of the problem with that is Blackie Lawless. He’s a bit of a control freak (understandably) but I don’t think he promotes new material enough. And, the big one is that they barely play any new stuff live. They might play one or two songs of a new CD, but that’s it, the rest is from the first five. I want to hear Locomotive Man, Wicked Love, Asylum #9, Still Not Black Enough, Who Slayed Baby Jane, etc live! How many times do I need to hear Wild Child? I know, they do it for the old school fans, but they/I need to hear new stuff. I haven’t been to a WASP show since The Neon God tour, and all I got to hear new was Sister Sadie. Not enough! And I think it was Let it Roar on the Unholy Terror tour. Again, not enough! I stopped going to WASP shows after that, I don’t want to hear those old school songs live anymore, if I do, I have all their live CDs. Maybe I’ll try again next tour.

I’ve never heard the Thrice album, but Tell All Your Friends is one of my favorite albums too. I love “Timberwolves at New Jersey,” it’s one of my favorite songs. A good album all around. I never hear much, good or bad about “Stay What You Are” by Saves the Day, “Something to Write Home About” by The Get Up Kids, and “Leaving Through the Window” by Something Corporate, three of my favorite albums.

Pink Floyd…I’d say Meddle or Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. Not really among hardcore fans, but many only know of The Wall, DSOTM, Wish You Were Here and Animals…so a lot of the other albums are overlooked.

BQ: The Wall. It has a great concept and I like the album a lot, and it has some really great songs on it but a lot of songs are filler.

The most underrated Pink Floyd album in my opinion is “Meddle” “Dark Side of The Moon”, “Wish You Were Here” and “The Wall” always grab the attention. But Meddle is a great album, it has songs like “One of These Days, “Fearless” and “Echoes”.

BQ:The Wall. It’s a very good album, but you have to be in the mood to listen to it all the way through, well at least I do anyway.

They get so much hate because they’re not as heavy as Metallica’s earlier stuff, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad. There are some really good songs on those 2 albums but I’ve always thought they should have just picked the best songs from those albums and combined them to record 1 album rather than Load & Reload

Goodbye Cruel World. Elvis Costello even calls it his worst album, but it’s treated like a pariah, when instead it’s more average than unlistenable. With better production, it might have even been good.

BQ: Spike got a fair amount of radio play thanks to ‘Veronica,’ but isn’t his strongest work (8/10, not 10/10) although there are some standout tracks (Tramp the Dirt Down, Last Boat Leaving, in particular IMO.)

The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour

BQ Let it Be great album but overhyped even for The Beatles

When Forever Comes Crashing by Converge
BQ: Jane Doe, Still an amazing akbum but I prefer WFCC

Never Say Die is a damn Progressive Rock/Doom Metal masterpiece. And loads of the more narrowminded among Sabbath fans hate it.

BA: Master Of Reality

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