Room MAKEOVER!! *pix included!!*?

I want to redo my room, exept I’m on a low budget and I have a loft bed. Here is a pic of a bed very similar to the one I have —
and here is a pic of what my real bed looks like. Its a bad pic and it was taken like two years ago, so the…

You can get a similar look by purchasing a plain flat white sheet one size larger than your bed $10-$12 and a few pink felt squares for around .49 each. You can also purchase fusable felt that already has an iron on backing for around .89 each. 10 sheets will run you anywhere from $4.90 to $8.90. For the bottom sheet look for a black and white striped sheet. $15-$20 obviously you wont be able to get the look you want got what your budget allows but you can improvise and come up with something similar.

i really like the idea of the punk princess look
it’s going to be tough with $30.00 but maybe start with
your bed
maybe you could find some inexpensive sheets and sew two together to make a duvet cover
some cushions in co-ordinating colours would be good too
check out second hand stores for lamps and accessories that you could paint
have fun!!

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why don’t u try getting a new blanket like the princess one u want and put it on top so it looks like a princess bed

cant do much with 30 bucks!!

$30 bucks?…good luck…

wow that’s a big change

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