What are YOU hoping to get for Christmas this year?

*If people will listen to me I will get nothing because that is exactly what I want* If someone insists then I would like them to donate to their local animal shelter*

World Peace

I’m saving my money to spend a few weeks this summer (or possibly next Christmas) in Latvia.

Rob Thomas just 2 talk and lison 2 him sing
but i wont get that so
what i am getting is my brother from Chico Cali.
he looks just like Clive Owen

now r u jealous…?

a man! Someone that I will end up with for a long term relationship.. someone that I will love and think about always! Possibly the love of my life <3

I need an iron. but i want a pair of Lee jeans. Classic fit. cant find ’em.

but i’ll take what ever i get & use it.

an X-Box 360

Peace, love and happiness + good health would be the greatest gift I could ever receive!!!

If I could get only one thing this year it would be for a great family get together…all of us!

Haven’t thought of anything. Already got one present though.

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