What Would You Name Your Little Girl In These Situations – Fun! ?

1 – You have your little girl and you had her in a hospital named Love & Care, You decide to have her first name to mean Love and the middle name to mean Care.

2 – You give birth to your little girl naturally in a meadow surrounded by tall grass and flowers, what do you decide to name her?

3 – You decide to…

1.Sevda Radana (not many to pick from i’m afraid)
2. Willa Dawn
3. Rachel Naomi
4. Lucas Henry, Lucia Helena
A) Talia Leila Claire
B) Rosalind Neha Rada
C) Tendra Lempi Ctirada


1. Felicia Lumina 2. Estrella Seville 3. Ruby Stella 4. Grace Celestine 5. Iris Jade 6. Daisy Aurora 7. Trixie Skye 8. Emmeline-Jane Anna-Genevieve Lotta-Rose

1 – Annabelle Cherish

2 – Wesleigh Rose

3 – Amelia Yachne

4 – Elijah Spencer => Elisa Paige (Spencer & Paige have similar meanings; Elisa is a feminine form of Elijah)

5 –
a. Tabitha Lorelei Claire
b. Rosalind Edona Charish
c. Torrance Lievena Charish

Wow! This was kinda hard, but I had a lot of fun doing this! Thanks 🙂

1. Amanda Cherish (Amanda means Worthy of Love, Cherish means to Care for)
2. Kimora Blossom (Kimora means from the Golden Meadow, Blossom means flower, bloom)
3. Ariella Selene (My name is Jessica Alexis)
4. Maddox Michael – Madison Michelle
5. A. Taylor Liliana Cheyenne
B. Komali Caressa Radka (Komali means Tender, Delicate, Caressa means Loving Touch, and Radka means Care, Joy)
C. Thoung Lalasa Cherish (Thoung means Love Tenderly, Lalasa means Love, Cherish means to Care for) – That was a tough one lol.

Fun, 😀

1) Aasta Cherish
2) Calantha Irwen
3) Adelaide Elizabeth
4) Marcus Alexander —> Markare Alexandria
a) Talia Lucille Catherine
b) Almathea Edona Cherish
c) Tangwen Libena Cherish

🙂 The last one is a bit strange, but it sounds better than it looks.

1 — Carys Miliani

2 — Briony Fern

3 — Ysabel Natalia

4 — Dominic James / Dominique Janelle

5 —
a. Talia Lauren Caroline
b. Leena Caron Miliani
c. I couldn’t find any that matched. :-/

1- Kaylen Reina (Reina actually means peace I think, but I couldn’t find care…)
2. Tunchai Skye (Tunchai means flower in a native american language)
3. Elizabeth Anne (that’s my twin sisters names put together 🙂
4. >Aaron Murray< 🙂 Erin Merinda
5. a) Tamika Lianne Cecelia
b) Trianna Lovette Chessa (again, I couldn’t find those exact meanings so i went with Pure, Love and Peace)
c) oh, ha I already did that 🙂

that was fun! Erin Merinda is a nice name…

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