Does it sound like my online bf is using me??.. Is there any chance he is sincere?

I have heard stories about online dating scams and I have been fully aware and did not trust my online guy completely. We have been talking for the past 6 months and we talked to each other daily. But we have never MET before. He seemed sincere and nice and we talked about future. We are living in different…

you must have some emotional funded with this guy.from your story, it sounds he is asking just money and making you hope to meet.please don’t fall from his whinning,if he is a business guy, he must have knew the ups and downs of didn’t ask him to move near your place, it is his choice.

It could go either way. He might be using you…God knows there are a ton of scammers on the net! You are doing the correct thing by following your instincts. If you think something is not right, than it isn’t! Do not send money. That is what they are looking for, someone who will just write a check! Meet him, see who he really is before you give even $1.00

Remember, this is just someone who is talking to you online…not that much different than we are doing now…You are not obligated to help him.

Just give it some thought, and follow your gut. You know best! Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

There is 0% chance that he is sincere. He is a scam artist and just using you. It’s a lie that if he wanted just money he’d have “looked for a rich girl” because he knows in fact that no rich girl would have been dumb enough to send him $6000.

The truth may hurt, but please listen to it anyway. You’re smarter than to fall for this.

probably a scam guy, I heard plenty of stories about such guys, and he’s probably doing the same with other girls.
well, anyway, even if he’s not a scam, I don’t think a good guy would ask a girl who never met to loan him money, he could just get the money and disappear..
I don’t think he’s worth it, you did the right thing ๐Ÿ™‚

Sorry hun but to me he sounds like a con artist. If he wanted to try for a rich girl she prob wudnt want his broke ***. So hes trying to get genuine people to give him smaller amounts, or as much as he feels they afford. Sorry to say it but im very sceptical. He shouldnt just ask for money and the way he got all funny with you tells me hes a jerk.
Turn him off hes a waste of time.


Seriously my best friend learned that one the hard way… she met her P.O.S fiancรฉe online and they have been together for a year. He always asked her for money… this after he lied about his employments he bleed my friend dry and only a few days ago did she catch on to what hes been doing.

Sounds like a scam. Sorry you most likely wasted 6 months on this guy. ๐Ÿ™

if u told me i can give u this much i would be happy even if it wasn’t the total amount i needed at least ur trying i would be more then happy and letting u know how i felt not be a butt about it. at least ur willing to give some thing its better then nothing

RUN AWAY FROM HIM – A real relationship – real love is being with one another. He is using you.

I think he’s using you, AND being a huge jerk about it. Drop him.

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