How can conservatives not like Michelle Obama?

I love Michelle Obama. She said all girls are jewels. I don’t understand how people don’t like Michelle Obama.

She is an angel.

“We are counting on every single one of you to be the best that you can be, we know you can do it. We love you.” -Michelle…

My sentiments exactly…our new First Lady is wonderful. Unless they are hypocrits (which many have shown themselves to be), all those who harped on “family values” and “Christian values” ad nauseum should be singing the praises of this warm and loving mom, faithful wife, compassionate and intelligent woman. Did you know she has her girls clean their own rooms and make their own beds? This was something she stipulated early on so that her daughters develop a sense of responsibility and learn they must clean up their own messes –training that our last president could have used when growing up.

She said all girls are jewels? If that’s the case she must be the cheap glass jewelry you buy at a flea market.
All obese woman say they are BBW and can be sexy at 300lbs, whatever delusion makes you feel better its a free country.
Michelle Obama is a nobody who would still be an unknown if she wasn’t screwing the man who became president. She brings nothing to the table, and is an expert in nothing of consequence. She is an average woman with below average looks ( looks like warf from star trek or a sober James Brown)
The first lady is the only position in America where being married is the only prerequisite and usually the only attribute. You have to call the presidents wife something so they call her first lady, she did not get there by merit or achievement, but by marrying the right guy period.

Not saying that I don’t “like” her, but I’m generally not swayed by the face people give to the media. Anyone who truly uses their brain knows that her private face and the public face are never exactly the same thing, and the job of a politician (and a politician’s wife) is to present the public with the most positive face they can manage. (think Hilary after Monica)

Besides, I don’t think many would have voted for Obama had she said anything like, “Hey, don’t worry about the girls. We only need to worry about our young men.”

i’m a Christian first, which makes me a conservative via immediately’s description. Mrs. Obama isn’t gruesome; i’ve got faith all females are appealing. I on no account hear to Savage or Levin, so i won’t be able to remark on your alleged remark. Savage, Levin, Limbaugh, Hannity, or any communicate tutor host do no longer communicate for me. right it is my question for you: Why do all a techniques left liberals hate anybody that doesn’t think of like them?

I love Michelle Obama and Barack Obama, she is WAY better then Babara Bush was. Barack Obama goes out and gets cheeseburgers for his staff!! That is awesome. But I am a Conservative and I just disagree with Barack Obama. He is hard to hate, hell even Hugo Chavez likes him…. wait, that’s a bad thing. Only stupid republicans hate Michelle Obama not educated ones. Same with liberals when Bush was in office. You have to ignore the extremism in both parties. Never generalize republicans like that, it shows ignorance.

How can anyone like her is my question? She is an angry black woman that said she was proud to be an American for the first time during BO’s campaign. That pretty much tells me she is totally racist and never liked any of the white presidents before BO. She wasn’t proud when everyone in the country united after 9/11? She is disgusting, fake and wears more expensive clothing than Palin ever did without a word from the press. Does that answer your question?

When she said, she had never been proud to be an American until they nominated her husband for President, that just put her on my loony-left list right there.

She wasn’t proud that the US had a hand in bring the Berlin Wall down?
She wasn’t proud that the US had brought the cold war to an end?
She wasn’t proud of all the support we give to struggling nations around the world?

I am.

Beverly, exactly how many comments “on this site” are racist regarding Obama? 1% maybe 4%??? Statistically INSIGNIFICANT!!!!

I don’t know her so I can’t very well not like her. I can, however, disagree with her politics.

I don’t dislike Michelle Obama, but it is a stretch to say you LOVE someone that you don’t know at all.
The private Michelle may be nothing like the person you see on TV and I would bet you that is the case.
In any case from what I know of her I don’t dislike her.

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