If you are a Southern Baptist, does that automatically make you a Christian fundamentalist?

Also, what is the meaning of a Christian fundamentalist?

quit usin them big ol fancy styled words and small difficult words.

A Christian fundamentalist is a person who takes the word of the bible and Christian doctrine to be 100% infallible fact. No symbolism, no suggestion, only the handbook for life.
I am not completely au fait with Southern Baptist beliefs, but if they believe that the entire bible is incontrovertibly true, then that does make them fundamentalists in the definitive sense.

No! There are all kinds of Southern Baptist.

I don’t know what a Christian Fundamentalist is either, except a term thrown around a lot.

This is such a good question! Just as in 1984 Orwell wrote about *new speak* I think the term fundamentalist is turning into an entirely different thing than it once was. When we think of fundamentalist now, we think negatively automatically! When a short time ago we would view it just as its actual meaning without any forceful emotions behind it.

lol, no way. I am not a Southern Baptist but I can tell you that if you are one, you may or may not be a fundamentalist.

The real meaning of Fundamentalist = someone who believes in the fundamental principles of Christianity, such as Saved by grace doctrine, or Baptism by immersion.

No. My family is southern baptist and they aren’t fundies. Fundamentalists take the bible literally and believe in strictly following “god’s word.”

Fundamentalist: A person with strict adherence to any set of basic ideas or principles (Dictionary.com)

If Southern Baptists are strict with their beliefs (Which they normally are), they are fundamentalists.

Not necessary. I am a Christian Fundamentalist and I attend an Assemblies of God church. (“Christian Fundamentalism”: One who firmly believes in Absolute Truth and the Infallibility of The Holy Living Word of God, and sticks with it.) <‘)))><

not automatically but most southern baptists are fundamentalist. they believe in the bible at face value and haven’t reformed their view of the religion yet.

If you actually practice what your Baptist church teaches, yes, you’re a fundamentalist.

Wikipedia “Christian Fundamentalism” and look at the denominations.

Why do Baptist preachers always talk about themselves?

I went to a funeral Sat and all the preacher would talk about was himself. I talked to a couple other people who have had the misfortune of listening to a baptist preacher and they all said the same thing. The pride is overwhelming.

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