Is this the kind of “Change” America voted for?

S773 – Regulation of information over the internet.

S778 – Places cyber-control in the hands of the the White House.

HR 45 – Gun control – requires all guns to be insured and the ins. co. is liable for relative actions, including murders. (No ins. co. will cover this, hence the indirect control)

HR1388 -…

HR 45 is a joke.. doesn’t stand a chance. This sort of trash is proposed every Congress, and never gets anywhere. No worries.

I seriously doubt that it would be possible to amend the constitution ever again.. it was much easier when information was slow & money bought overwhelming BS with ease; not so anymore. The two term limit is safe. All you’d have to say would be; “hey, we could have had Bush back!” That’ll end any argument right there!

HR875 is really concerning.. we have to fight this one with everything we have. It has fortune 50 corporate backing, and can easily be whitewashed to make the sheeple think it’s a good idea. If it starts to gain any speed at all, we’ve each got to use both barrels to take it down.

Germany got Change in 1938.. and a smokin’ economy, too! Then Poland got change.. then Italy… then France….

Keep the change, thank you.

Mentholman; Thank you. More than anything, we need traditional JFK Democrats to wake up and have their voices heard. I’m not sure which party has been more damaged by the extremists that have hijacked them, but there’s no question that both have. The problem is, as you pointed out, that one of them is now completely in power. I fear they may both be beyond salvation.. which is why I have no choice but to be a Libertarian.

That 780 Billion that was to bail out the Companies would have better been spent by dividing that up among the people, Let the people bail out the companies, The math was done in this, It would have amounted to over 40 thousand dollars for evey Tax payer, Now just what could you do with 40 thou?
Pay off your mortgage That’s helps out and bails out those companies.
Pay off your Credit cards, That pays off the Credit agencies
Pay off or buy a new Car, That bails out the Auto industry

I mean really, the list can go on and on, It would pull this Country out virtually overnight.

BUT noooo The Democrats want a Socialistic Government, so they do it accordingly

Thank you for asking this “question.” I have been saying for a while that, as much as we like to make fun of Obama, the real threat is not Obama himself but the fact that the president and congress share the same party. Now they can pass junk like this. It’s absolutely terrifying.

The only check on the president and Congress is the court system, but as we all know the Supreme Court justices belong to parties just as well as regular politicians. Imagine if Obama is able to appoint liberal justices to the Supreme Court, then all 3 branches will be democratic and we are in for trouble.

Don’t get me wrong, I am actually a democrat. But when the branches are all agreeing with each other there is big problems.

My favorite years are ones where Congress does nothing, the president is the opposite party, and the Supreme Court is striking things down.

Obama’s ‘change’ in my backyard was passing the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act, bending the rules allowing them to lock up another 500+ square miles of Idaho back country as Wilderness(via the Crapo-Owyhee Wilderness bill).
This land does not fit the criteria of Wilderness designation as it has been altered by man. The worst, and most damage was done by the BLM(not public users) with their fetish for Juniper eradication on no less than a mountain named Juniper mountain!
Yep… More Al Gore “save it for the children” ideas at work which they so ‘conveniently’ forget to add it’s for children who will never be allowed to see it, or set foot on it!
One very positive sign though is I am seeing change in the way of tea parties forming. I see a public slowly waking up, as things are getting so far out of hand that even dumb people are starting to see past the main stream media’s sugar coating the government’s ignoring the people, and pushing it’s Globalist, Socialist agendas.
McCain is a CFR member just as Obama is so with either choice we were destined to follow this path Obama is taking us down…just maybe at a different pace. In this context maybe Obama is a blessing in disguise, because everyone seemed to sleep through Bush giving us the Patriot Act(one example of thousands), and I think had McCain gotten in the same kind of sleeping sheep syndrome would have went on with the public. Obama on the other hand has many more Americans out of their seats paying attention to whats going on than McCain ever would have.
There is a saying I’ve heard all of my life…’It must get worse before it gets better’.
I think we’ve hit worse! The government(s)…(not just ours) have become a selfish greedy wasteful mob, and even the few Democrats I know(who thought Clinton could do no wrong) are seeing it now.
If our nation doesn’t wake up soon as a whole, we are destined to see the ‘change’ from being American citizens to being subjects of a one world government.
America is the keystone to freedom throughout the world. If Freedom falls in the USA, the whole world will be enslaved as a result!

No, I don’t believe if Americans knew and understood what the things you listed above really meant that they would support them. It is certainly not the change I wanted and what the h-ll happened to hope??

I would bet my eye tooth that most Americans are not even aware of the things you listed..

I really don’t think many are aware of them though as the media is not telling anything out loud that could be controversial or make O look bad no matter what he and his Dems do in WA DC.

There ARE some things on there I was aware of and do support – I think we should not only expand the drug war we should close our borders and monitor them closely for terrorists, drug dealers and gun dealers.

I do not see how his actions of the past 3 months will ever result in a thriving economy. It could result in a totally socialist country though. I hope Americans say soon, enough is enough.

Typical Lib responses; “Republican Lies Are Fun” , “Where did you get those fake stats from?”

Seriously, come on peeps, when will Libs get their head out of their *** and look at the real world?

You people are drilling the questioner for asking why you-types would support such things. And you are going to kill the messenger and completely ignore the message. So damn typical of the left.

Obama is a Communist fanatic. He couldn’t care less what anybody wants. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

“Change” was only the mantra. Most either voted for Obama because they’re the same color or because they’re trying desperately to prove they’re not racist. They really gave no thought to what their vote might mean. Obama is a fad. …a senseless one.

One way to VOICE our dis-content over higher and higher taxes, is to spend April 15th at a TEA PARTY.

“The only thing needed for evil to abound is for good men to do nothing”

Very few people actually look at the bills people draft, people should pay more attention.

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