Really scared to tell university counselor about being a MAP (minor attracted person)?

I want to go to a therapist in my university to get help with being minor-attracted (I know longer use the P word because it creates too much negative stigma and is associated with molestation). Anyways, I m never hurt anyone and I m not gonna offend ever. I m not a violent person and I m actually scared of…

Well, if you’re scared of judgement, I’d suggest going for something else, like something typical, like stress or test anxiety, and just building a bond, and gauging whether or not you trust him/her. Then when you’re comfortable bring it up. Most qualified individuals recognize its something you can’t necessarily control and as long as you haven’t acted on anything, and assuming they’re actually scientists and not ******** practitioners, then they should genuinely help you. I have no first hand experience with any of this, but my aunt is a councilor specializing in such matters and that’s what she suggests to anyone whos nervous about seeing a councilor for any reason.

Well, studies show that men, when shown two pictures of women (without being told about the ages), tend to find younger (even underage) girls more beautiful than others.
Really, there’s a lot of misconceptions about MAPs.
And I think that it’d be a better idea to go to a therapist in a different area. If the therapist in your university happens to be an MAP hater, then it’d be really bad news for you. If a therapist somewhere else happens to be so, you could just leave and never hear/see from that person again. So, try a therapist elsewhere first. See how that goes.

Professional therapists have heard it all. No therapist is going to freak out if you tell them this. They will treat you in a professional manner. You should not hesitate to go to one.

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