Thoughts on these girl names?

Caitlin ‘Cait’
Ariana ‘Aria’
Anastasia (Pronounce Ah-Na-Stah-See-Yah)

Isla: very pretty, 9/10
Juliette/Juliet : very classy, beautiful, sophisticated 10/10
Caitlin: beautiful, I especially love this spelling 10/10
Ariana: I love it and love the nickname Ari 10/10
Anastasia: love it! So many nice nicknames 10/10
Mallory: it’s ok, not a fan 5/10

I love Juliet

I love the name Anastasia. I use to know a little girl by that name.

Isla – I love Isla
Juliette/Juliet – I prefer Juliet
Caitlin ‘Cait’ – I’m fairly neutral on this one
Ariana ‘Aria’ – don’t love Ariana but love Aria
Anastasia (Pronounce Ah-Na-Stah-See-Yah) – not a fan – too much
Mallory – love

List of favorites:


Isla (10) – This is the most beautiful name ever. It sounds so pretty, classy, ageless, and sophisticated yet fun. Elegant yet strong. So beautiful!

Juliette (1) and Juliet (2) – This name just sounds really whiney & pretentious to me. Makes me cringe, I’ve never liked it.

Caitlin ‘Cait’ (9) – Gorgeous name, and this is by far the best spelling of it. Very simple, timeless, ageless, and beautiful.

Ariana ‘Aria’ (5) – Not a huge fan. Just ‘Aria’ as the full name would be an 8.

Anastasia (2) – Not a fan. I like it as the Grand Duchess’ name, but I find it awkward to call someone by in this day & age. It’s too princessy & pretentious for me, and I just don’t think it sounds very pretty or flattering.

Mallory (8) – A good level of popularity, pretty, timeless & memorable. Love this name!

– Juliette/Juliet
– Caitlin

– Ariana
– Anastasia

– Isla
– Mallory

I’ll rate out of 10:
Isla 8
Juliette 5 Juliet 6
Caitlin 7
Ariana 8
Anastasia 6
Mallory 2

I like Ariana 🙂

Juliet, Caitlin and Anastasia are nice

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