Top 5 nba great players who prime has wasted?

Top 5 nba great players whos prime has wasted?

heres mine

1. iverson (2001-2006)
2. garnett (2002-2007)
3. Kobe (2005-2008)
4. nash (2004-2008)
5. barkley (1990-1996)

these players would be great as they are if they had a good teammates during their primes.

You forgot

Chris Webber
Grant Hill
Patrick Ewing and
Reggie Miller

G0t it? Go0d!!!!

George Gervin 1977-1985
Clyde Drexler 1987-1992
Reggie Miller 1989-1996
Alex English 1980-1988
Charles Barkley


Steve Francis
Jalen Rose
Yao Ming

I dont think Kobe’s prime was wasted, i personally think he was in his prime around the early 2000’s to 2009. The numbers he put up in 2005-2008 was due to him having to carry the team every night, i think he coulda put up those stats if he was on a horrible team starting from 2000 onward.

Grant Hill
Tracy McGrady
Alonzo Mourning
Penny Hardaway
Allan Houston

They would have been HOF until injuries robbed them of their greatness.

Hope this helps.

Not iverson. He had his chance in 2001. But failed.

Kobe is one of them.
Karl Malone of course.
Elgin Baylor.
Garnett no… Because he did a good job to establish himself as one of the best.
Barkley duh.
Pierce maybe

I don’t know if I can make a list, but I know Kobe for sure should be #1.

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