What are your biggest hopes and concerns with the new Obama Administration?

That he can get us out of the BIG hole that the Bush Administration and the Republicans and big failing corporations have got us in. I hope he is a miracle worker because America needs a miracle.

My biggest hopes for Mr Obama and this nation is that he can actually turn this nation around both economically and in other policies GWB and his father screwed up on.My biggest fears are A:some idiot off Mr.Obama before he can do these things or B: Or congress cant get behind this man and actually make changes we need.I have full confidence that the changes he promised he will do his best to achieve however with all the turmoil surrounding this nation it will be hard for him to do so,and that is why i fear nothing will get done because we cant agree on the simplest things.

Oh noo, i’m confident Mr. Romney is all above board together with his investments in Stem cellular examine in China and his complaining approximately Dodd Frank. Does that propose he will Re enforce Glass Steagall? i’ve got not heard something to that result yet. And unfastened commerce to S. Korea constructive. very particularly on the area of that truthful pink China you recognize?

Biggest Hope. It will end it the Corporate Oligarchy that abuses the corporate donation system.

My Primary concern (and the way I believe it is,) the whole “change” mantra was nothing but typical political lies to get elected and he will continue to pander to the Corporate Oligarchy.

EDIT: I also agree with Bryan I hope the guy proves me wrong.

Hope – that they’ll do (and be able to do despite the finance crisis) what they promised.
Fear – that the Republicans manage to torpedo the work of the Administration to the point that America suffers.

1)he dismantles CIA , Pakistan and ISI, but not creates his own ones
2) what ever he does, not clandestinely but explaining the aims of actions
3) not to misuse powers to rob lesser nations either in Asia or Africa or any where
4)not to get unnecessarily worried about chine and russia
5) dont encourage saudis and arabs to indulge in terrorist activities for the benefit of some rich in USA

biggest hope: that obama can repair at least some of the damage that bush has done

biggest concern: some racist, hate-filled bush supporter tries to do obama harm.

To gain concessions for the average Americans from the globalist who are going to establish the new world order no matter what.

My hope is that Obama proves me wrong in my assessments of his ability, integrity and leadership quality. My biggest concern is that my assessments are correct.

Biggest hope – That the administration will endorse the “Time for a Change” disposable diaper.

Biggest fear – everything else

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