What do people w/ eating disorders eat?

I know they cant eat nothing…but when they do eat what?
i heard they eat under 500 calories…but how are they not hungry?
i also heard they eat alot of veggies but do they eat carbs?
dont answer if you dont know.

im not trying to be anorexic..just curious, b/c my friend just got out of an eating disorder…

I used to have one, and I guess it’s a constant struggle.
But really, it depends on the person. Every person is different, some people fear certain types of food over others. In addition to restricting calories, some may fully restrict fat, or sugar, or carbs, or animal products. I restricted all animal products, beacuse then I could get away with saying “no” to food more often, since I had an excuse.
I depends on the person, like I said.
Also, calorie restriction depends on the person as well, but true, its usually under 500-600 calories, and much lower. Different day-to-day and week-to-week.

Be supportive to your friend, don’t question her, and try to avoid body image comments/topics. Its been two years for me, and even now, it only takes one comment to make me relapse.

Usually extremely Low Calorie/Sugar/Fat Foods (but it really depends on the person, like a few answers above me says) Possibly things like:
Lettuce = 8 cal. per cup
Carrots = 35 cal. for 12
Orange = 50 cal.
Some probably do go a few days without eating. It’s horrible, but possible. Not a lot of people realize, it can *seem* like a person is eating a fair amount, but are secretly extremely calorie deficient. (And chances are if they are Anorexic, they’ll try to be good at hiding it) They probably also have the worst days, the “binge” days. And if they have bulimic tendencies, those days can lead to a “purge” day.

As for hunger: you eventually get used to the feeling of being hungry after a while, to a point where you almost don’t notice it (I’m not sure if that’s true for all people though)

It sounds as though your friend is lucky because I didn’t know you can just “get out” of an eating disorder. When dealing with anorexia, your body shuts down. You train your body to not be hungry, or train your brain to be stronger than your physical desires.

people with eating disorders eat very little. less than 500. but there are all types of eating disorders.

My girlfriend had an eating disorder. Its not exactly like your G/F’s problem but ill offer you all the advice I can. Dont fight with her about it, EVER. If shes looking for control in her life fighting with her will just push her away, because she will see it as an attempt to control her. Talk to her about it, try to find out why shes doing what shes doing and ask her what she needs to work through it. I personally told my g/f how much I loved her, and how beautiful she was and how she was perfect just the way she is. I got her to eat whenever I could, and tried to make sure that she wasnt throwing up after. This was the only thing I fought with her about but I did it in a way that showed her what she was doing to herself. You need to get across to her (and its not as easy as it sounds, I know) that all shes doing is hurting her body and wont make her any better. With time, love, patience and work you can help her get over just as I did. I hope this helped and if you have any questions feel free to email me and we can talk back and forth about it.

eating disorders are a mind thing, they are sick because they think food is bad, and they don’t like how they look.
some are health nuts, they eat anything that dont have a lot of bad cholestrol, fats, or sugars.
since she is your friend, encourage her to eat. its not good to skip meals. because food helps to function all internal and external organs

They are hungry, they just refuse to eat. Sometimes they eat and then vomit it back out. Vegetarians can eat bread for carbs. Bread is made of grain.

Generally nothing, They either starve themselves or they barf out the food they eat or else they just eat very little.

They just dont eat even if they are hungry. Some also make them selves sick…

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