Will Donald Trump end Rosie O’Donnell’s career?

It would seem she’s made the wrong person mad and he’s going after her. Are we better served without her in the public eye?

Heck no! People love this sort of stuff. It sells papers. It makes people like you and me give them free publicity.

No, I don’t think it will happen. Unfortunately, Rosie’s new position on the View provides her with a platform for extremely opinionated opinions, and many of those opinions are outrageous. From a dog licking a baby’s bottom to clear diaper rash, to her sexual status, to Kelly, to Donald. Her comments about Mr. Trump were unacceptable. What does his financial situation have to do with Mr. Trump giving a young woman a who made an unfortunate mistake another chance? Absolutely nothing. Rosie is mean and hurtful, and her manner clearly masks some underlying “self worth” issues. I suppose she believes that her opinions make her superior to others. So, yes, I believe that the public would be better served without Rosie in the public eye, however, it is clearly show business. I do hope that Mr. Trump takes Rosie to task.

Being in the public eye is not the same as serving as a role model or moral compass. Rosie is a show, just like most TV – they all, absolutely all, place ratings and money above morality (and when they do espouse morality it is because of a fear of loss of ratings). Donald? He’s a fool with a lot of money. His knowledge and reputation are both basically centered on the rather archaic notion that real estate can be used as a vehicle to “caveat emptor” (let the buyer beware) thus resulting in profit. And bad publicity can increase ratings…

Rosie will end her own career. Although she may have talent and is outspoken, she needs a life coach to help her smooth out her rough edges. Barbara Walters is probably rethinking her decision about the Starr Jones transition. However “The View” is probably getting more viewers because of Rosie.

Sad — The View, Rosie and Donald’s hair. Proof that being rich and famous won’t guarantee you a problem-free life, good looks or knowing when to keep your mouth shut.

Rosie O will end her own career. She has just become this bitter, offensive person who tries to impose her beliefs and will on everyone, and god help you if you disagree with her.

I’ve heard enough of her mouth and grating voice to last a lifetime. Rosie needs to go back into retirement or whever the heck she was after her show & magazine tanked and call it a day.

As for Trump….I think he’s being petulant and childish. Get over yourself, grow up and move on.

At the rate she’s going, Rosie will end her own career. I don’t think she’ll need the Donald’s help (and he’s as bad as she is.) I’m disappointed in how mean spirited and angry she has become–I can’t watch her any more. (though I’ve never been a fan of the View, anyway.)

Rosie seems to be trying to end her own career and she’s doing a great job at it. I don’t think Baba Walters is going to put up with her much longer.

properly it began while omit u . s . a . grow to be caught in a scandal for under age eating and remarkable interior the long island club scene. Trump got here to her protection and Rosie stated that he could communicate for every physique’s undesirable habit simply by fact he didnt have lots morals himself Then Trump went loopy and stated as her fat and different truly harsh names and it snowballed into this enormous conflict of the words. i for my section think of its no longer that vast of a deal yet Trump wanted interest off of omit u . s . a . and greater on him and his instruct. you are able to consistently seem at yahoo! information for greater articles on it.

Will we choose alcoholics,lesbians,adultriers,etc…as those whom represent America unto the world and if we do will it really matter whose career we destroy in the process?Does Satan or Judas deserve a second chance because they have good intentions.I had a brother whom had good intentions and as far as I know still has good intentions,should we then measure people on what they do or what they wanted to do after did not Sodom want to do what they knew too do well which is to rape the angels sent to save those whom would be saved?

We should only be so lucky. If the Donald ended that fat, loud-mouthed cow’s career, someone should throw him a parade.

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