Yes or no, please: Are there Earthly matters where God sees fit to intervene?

Yes, many MANY of them.

Each of them is either in the distant past, or completely unobservable.

Yes. Factually speaking God intervenes in all Earthly matters.

Yes, sometimes God intervenes on earthly matters. A very good example which comes to mind is the fall of communism. The Catholic Church prayed for it and God answered our prayer.
On a personal level, I have prayed for the conversion of relatives and friends and many of them have returned to God.
Peace and every blessing!

God hears and answers prayer. He chastens his children, those who have received his son and have become the sons of God. There is nothing done on this earth that he does not allow to happen. Time will be full soon and he will return to earth in power and glory and then every eye will see him put to end this earthly matter.

Yes. This is apparent from the answers given through prayers. God would not answer these prayers if earthly matters were of no concern to Him.

Yes. I think God intervenes in our lives when we pray to Him. I know that people might think that these are just coincidences, but I do really think that when I pray yo God and I really need help, He helps me. Also, Jesus said that we could move mountains if we have a grain of faith. This means that if we really believe in God, He will be here for us

certain and fairly extreme concerns like the arriving international authorities it is prophecy besides the undeniable fact that, would properly be halted for a time through prayer, I absolutley trust it ought to. God solutions prayers and intervens in issues he needs to interven in or issues he discover had to interven in.

Yes; but who knows the will of God!


Yes, Every moment. He uphold all things by the word of His power.

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