Are homosexuals born that way, or is it a choice?

Just Curious. i believe they are born that way. why would anyone choose that lifestyle?

Born that way.

Discover Magazine has an article saying “Two of the most convincing studies have proved conclusively that sexual orientation in men has a genetic cause.”

New Scientist magazine has an article saying “geneticists may have explained how genes apparently linked to male homosexuality survive” and another article saying “Mothers’ genetic skew linked to gay sons.”

LiveScience says “The arrangement of a mother’s genes could affect the sexual orientation of her son, according to a new study.”

Scientific American says “Having Older Brothers Increases a Man’s Odds of Being Gay.”

WebMD has an article about magnetic resonance imaging studies that reveal key differences in the brains of gay and straight men and women that could add to the understanding of the biology of homosexuality.

You can answer the first question as I assume your an Intelligent person, in fact even a fool could ask himself:

(Q) Why would a boy at 14 choose to be gay when being gay brings with it the hassles that it does. Maybe he did not know it would be this bad, maybe by the time he is 21 he sees it was a very bad choice, made 7 years early by a child. Yet if that is so why does he continue to maintain that choice and do so all the way through out life.

At 14 he not only condemned himself to 80 years or so of persecution etc, he also denied himself the pleasures of a having family of his own.

No person who made such a choice say at 14 would follow it through to death, if it was just a life style choice. He would do as us humans always do, take the easy path. That is if it was a choice.

The very fact a person does not conform to the demands of his family and friends proves that this is something beyond his control.

I think people are born that way, and some people make it a choice.

We’re born that way. Just like the color of your skin, hair, eyes, etc.. There is no choice involved.

I know for me that it wasn’t a choice. I knew from about the age of 8 or 9 that I was attracted to boys, I used to get these tingly feelings when I looked at certain boys. I would get crushes on certain boys. When I started getting erections, it was when I looked at, or thought about, certain boys.

This was not a choice for me at this age. You do not have these feelings because you choose to have them, they are natural, they are in-built.

I can’t say if I was born this way, as I have no memories of myself or my sexuality as an infant. I can certainly say it’s not a choice, though.

I believe I was born this way, my first crush was on my neighbors uncle….BEFORE I even knew what gay was!


it is NOT a choice.
homophobic people think you choose to live as a gay person. but you don’t 🙂

hope i helped

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