Are the San Jose Sharks the WORSE expansion team since 1991?

Of ANY Sport….

Since 1991, the Sharks have made one Conf finals. Zero Cup Finals hence the No Stanley Cups.

However, many other expansion teams have… you decide, again, of any sport. NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB

D-back won a World Series and have played and lost in another.
Florida Marlins have won 2 World…

Since 1991 the NHL has added 9 teams
San Jose
Tampa Bay

Out of that bunch…………their playoff winning percentages are
0.586 Anaheim (Only Edmonton (0.606) and Montreal (0.597) are higher)
0.510 Tampa Bay
0.490 San Jose
0.485 Ottawa
0.419 Florida
0.400 Minnesota
0.222 Nashville
0.000 Atlanta

I think the Sharks are far from the worse. Heck, they’ve won more playoff games than the Hartford/Carolina franchise, almost twice as many playoff games as the Winnipeg/Phoenix franchise, and are within striking distance of LA, Vancouver, and Washington’s total playoff wins. All teams with MUCH longer histories than the Sharks

2 teams from 1967 (Los Angeles/St. Louis) have yet to win the Cup
Neither team from 1970 (Buffalo/Vancouver) have won the cup

Hell, my team has been in the NHL since 1926, and have won only 8 more playoff games than the Flyers (the Rangers have won only 9 more games than the Flyers)

San Jose has a lot of company in their misery

The Columbus Blue Jackets have existed since 2000, and haven’t yet made the playoffs.

Actually, of the NHL’s “Southern Experiment”, San Jose has been one of the few success stories (Dallas being the other major sucess story).

The Sharks went from a 70+ loss season in 1992-93 to nearly making the Conference Final in 1993-94. They have won consistently, draw well, and have a good fan base.

They were, perhaps, a bit unlucky in 2004 and 2006.

If you look at long-term, Tampa and Florida are disasters, and Anaheim has been feast or famine. Atlanta made one playoffs (and got swept), and Nashville has an ownership disaster and has yet to even win three games in a playoff round once.

So you could be Florida and Nashville (relocation targets), Atlanta (total apathy), Columbus (zero playoffs ever).

Wow, that is CRAZY! Who gives a crap whether or not they have any championships. Remember this little stat. It would take 30 years for all teams to win the Cup. That is not very good odds. You could have a great team for years, but have it at the wrong time… look at the 80’s. Many teams were very good but no one could compete with NYI and EDM. San Jose has been a scary team to play against for a while now. There are a lot of good teams out there, but…. ONLY ONE TEAM CAN WIN THE CUP PER YEAR. You need luck, skill, and health in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. San Jose has skill and I believe they have health, the factor always hiding in the shadows is pure luck.

I actually see the Sharks as a very successful hockey franchise… sure they have not gotten over the hump, but look at the Kings… a single Stanley Cup appearance in 42 seasons… and as Bob points out the Capitals have had similar troubles.

The Sharks have been a strong team the last FOUR straight seasons… only Detroit can really match that claim.

Sure the Sharks have not won a championship, nor have they made it that far, but look at the other teams. Out of all of them the Ducks have been the ONLY other one to sustain a skilled team over more then two seasons. The Sharks have made the playoffs for more than half of their years, and that’s a good 3 more playoff trips than the next team behind them.

Definitely the Tampa Bay Rays. They’ve never even had a winning season. The Blue Jackets haven’t made the playoffs as of yet, The Panthers have had one fluke run to the finals, and the Senators are in the same boat.

G boy, you either have an axe to grind with the Sharks, or you’re jealous of their success. This team has come a long way over their short NHL history. Doug Wilson is a fantastic G.M. and has brought talent and grit to this team, while remaining well below the salary cap. As to your comments about Big Joe not being a crunch time performer, you’re right, bring back Chuck Grillo as the G.M. and Pat Falloon as our superstar. Now he was a fantastic #1 overall pick for the Sharks. Not too sure about your true level of hockey knowledge, but I’m guessing it’s pretty limited, as is your mental capacity.

Ha nicely once you’re a San Jose fan, you ought to ask your self why the offense did not score seventy-gajillion objectives against the (lowly?) Avalanche. I picked SJ, Boston, Vancouver, and Montreal to win the day previous, boy grow to be I incorrect! I did assume greater from the Sharks. Of each physique to get 2 objectives i did not think of it may be ex-Captain Marleau. i presumed perhaps Heatley or Clowe or Boyle or Pavelski yet not Marleau (the guy rumored to be on the paying for and advertising block!). I additionally predicted greater out of Nabokov. team Russia ought to be questioning what’s going with their #a million goalie as they prep for the 2010 Olympics. i think of the Sharks will good the deliver and be a suitable 5 team interior the West. in the event that they proceed to do what they did final evening all season however, it relatively is going to be disappointing. that’s this style of play that has led them to consecutively being bounced from the playoffs. For now, have faith! As for the interview question, it grow to be stupid, yet distinctive people make the tip of season prognostications now. The Sharks are predicted to win all of it. i think of Blake, the wily vet that he’s, did quite nicely. i could have long previous the “deflect the question returned to focusing on the present and working to get wins now and enable the submit-season take place whilst it occurs” direction if it have been me. yet as quickly as you have been around the media, i’m specific which you get used to a pair atypical or stupid or unwell-timed questions.

Tampa Bay Rays nee Devil Rays are by far the worse expansion team. Their best season was a forth place finish in 2004 when they won a whopping 70 games .432 winning pct. Next would be the Columbus blue Jackets who haven’t reach post season play.

Finally I would say the Vancouver/Memphis Grizzlies.

Of ALL SPORTS? The Tampa Bay Devil Rays, or Rays now, haven’t even had a winning season YET. When you go by JUST Hockey then the Sharks have some argument, based on years in league, but they aren’t the only one yet to get there.

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