Audi A5 or BMW 6 Series?

What do you recommend I buy? A brand new Audi A5 or a year old BMW 6 Series (both roughly same price). Both I think have pros and cons. Discuss….

All new cars depreciate as soon as they leave the dealer, as such, the Audi will reduce in price faster that the 6 series (which will have gone through this stage), costing you £1,000’s more than the 6 over the term of your ownership of the vehicle. There will be 1,000’s more A5’s sold than 6’s (due to the 6 being more upmarket, more expensive and out of reach to most people in comparison to the Audi). The old rule of “Supply and Demand” will help the BMW and work against the Audi.

A5 reviews have not been as favourable as those for the 6 Series, primarily because it’s an A4 turned into a coupe, whereas the 6 was only ever intended to be a 2 door and the driving dynamics of the 6 are far superior, making it a true drivers car.

The reason why a year old 6 is the same price as a brand new A5 is because the BMW is the better car (brand new the BMW 6 is £1,000’s more than any Audi A5) so you get more car for your money.

My view, buy the BMW, it’ll cost you a lot less over the term of ownership and will be more exclusive and enjoyable than the Audi.

If you like the Audi, try a Lexus as they’re both as bland and boring as each other.

Finally, the A5 (like any new car) is at risk of teething problems and recall’s and/or warranty claims. As the 6 series is now a few years old, any problems that may have caused trouble would have been resolved long before the car you’re looking at was made).

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Those are some very nice cars I like the Audi A5 and Camaro RS Personally I think you should pick one of those two and also you might wanna check out the Audi S5 An absolutely amazing car but it’s a little more pricey than these but not by to much

Neither brand has a history of reliability. The A5 is all about looks and not much else. The 6-series is only good when you’re talking about the M6 which is about two and a half times the price of the A5. If your limit is $40,000, get a used Mercedes AMG and enjoy. It’ll last longer and give you mind-blowing acceleration. Neither the Audi nor the base 6-series can do that.

I like Andy’s answer a lot. He makes a lot of great points.

I would prefer the A5 for its shape and the 6 series for its engine and ride.

Bimmer, Audi’s are all driven by chavs these days.

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