Fema Death Camps…What is it?

I don’t really fully understand what it is? Is it really going to happen.. along with hearing about Fema Death Camps I am also hearing about George Orwell’s 1984.. how is that connected?

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The government has installations all over the place. Many conspiracy theorists believe there are FEMA camps spread around the country and that they will be used to place Americans once Martial Law is declared. Who exactly will wind up in the camps depends on who’s theory you listen to. I don’t hold much stalk in the ideas of mysterious concentration style FEMA camps being built to house people the government has a beef with. However, if you look at fairly recent history (i.e. the 1940’s) the government placed Japanese, German, and Italian citizens in camps. The vast majority of these citizens had done nothing wrong other then being born into a certain nationality during a war. So I believe the government is capable of this but I’m not losing any sleep over it.

The problem is not you, the issue is george orwell’s

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