Further erosion of personal freedoms in Scotland?

Supermarket Sainsbury’s have said that they will remove all tobacco products from their shelves in Scotland rather than pay a ‘health levy’. This is further erosion of personal freedoms living in Scotland , goodness knows where it will all end up if Salmond gets his own way , it’s only a short way…

You’ve been living in a nanny state since the 2nd world war for godsake, and that’s you only starting to complain now?

Again who said Salmond would be in charge in an Independent Scotland, are you under some illusions there will be no elections?

This is happening as part of the UK under devolution, only way to rid us off such policy’s is to keep the SNP out which wont happen as long as we have incompetent party’s here in Scotland because the career politicians are only interested in Westminster job’s. So to get better politicians we need our own independent Government, you’ve just gave us a reason for independence. as part of the Uk the SNP aren’t going anywhere.

You’ll claim there hated as you always do, then I’ll show popularity polls that puts them miles a ahead of any Scottish party, you’ll say that means nothing but will stand by your claims they are hated as your opinion means more than anybody else as for some reason you are in denial that the SNP are the most popular party in Scotland.

It’s only some of their stores – their biggest stores that earn over a specific limit on tobacco sales. Read the full article, not the stupid one’s in the Daily Wail.

To be fair, losing Sainsburies would be no bad thing. I don’t shop in supermarkets unless I can really help it. The massive supermarkets have ruined our society more than anything else. It’s about time someone did something about their monopoly on our lives. Salmond & Co might have done us all a huge favour.

If we did not have laws and rules of behavior, none of us can be right here in these days. Anyone would have blown us up a long time ago. To claim “so far as I would need it to” is ludicrous. And most of the time just being an a__. Possibly thinks it’s cutesy. When actually indicates an absence of wise. And is a ways from cutesy. Very nauseating . It is a excellent question and as someone acknowledged person who has been wondered by great minds prior and gift. You can not argue with the good judgment that to outlive in a society of any kind there must be rules. Persons are not able to do as they simply please. It would be disastrous. Many international locations and humans have issues and all might have motives to need more. Many face oppression and poverty a long way worst then these coming here in my nation. It is a poor excuse of anyone. A scarcity of standards that care more for instantaneous gratification for themselves then what is excellent for all. If nothing is finished, these calling for this” so referred to as individual freedom” to take what they consider they will have to no matter what impacts it has on others, will allow more minorities and organizations to proceed their possess rampage of breaking all of the principles. It could be compared to looting. Very unpleasant and unsafe. It must go no extra than the rules and legal guidelines which are set down. That is why they are there. To maintain legislation and order, to function a safety for the entire humans, to advertise more peaceful environment..

To answer full you have to look at it in the round.

Salmond and Sturgeon are hostage to all spheres of looney tunes backers an this is one of them.

It is their solution of prohibiting smoking and cutting down hospital admissions of tobacco related illnesses.

Now we can see why large stores are ‘Upping sticks’ and leaving Scotland.

But also we can see another sinister tax and that is being imposed because Salmond is getting short of ready cash to pay for all those civil servants he has enrolled to make his employment statistics look good.

If the truth be known Scotland is nearly bankrupt because of the Scottish National Party Comic Cuts fiscal policies.

Its a double crime, you lose your freedom and the tax goes to the government, which further reduces your freedom with your money.

The SNP just can’t stop interfering for interference sake – they want to do something so they do anything. It is getting silly.

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