I hate being black.. (Please read description..)?

Wow, I feel like crying just typing this. Everyday someone has to make a comment about black people. Like in my school, there was a fight between to ghetto girls at lunch. All the black people were getting involved in it and all the white people just stood and laughed and got scared, etc . I just watched in…

aww mami im so sorry you have to go through this. I wish i cud give you a hug ): Im black and puerto rican and just to clear up that stereotype stuff about black people have short hair that is not true. I have friends who are all black and there hair is longer than mine and no its not a weave. What you have to do is accept yourself the way you are. It is really hard for me to because i feel like nobody really accepts me bt i have to accept myself. God made you you for a reason and i dont kno where you live but the kids at your skool are the most ignorant white people I have ever seen in my life. DONT BLEACH YOURSELF, i dnt know too much about it but im sure it cant be gud for your skin. You have to learn to love you for who you are and im really proud of you for not falling victim to peer pressure. Keep making good grades and strive to be a pediatrician. People can think watever they want but you will prove to them you kno wat yur doin when you do an excellent job on their kids ! Finally DNT EVER THNK ABOUT KILLING YOUSELF! your life is to valuable and precious to waste it like that. If you kill yourself that is giving those people control over your life and you cant do that. i really hope you can come to terms with yourself because that is your skin and you have to be n it until the day you die so make the best of it. If you ever need to tlk im here for you. My name is Martina.

Im sorry you have to go through that. don’t get the skin bleaching cream because most likely later people would find a way to take that and turn it on you. Not every school is like that im sorry you go to a school that is. Next time people talk like that around you tell them how you feel try to make them see. This can be hard but if you can change a few minds then that will be a start. Suicide is never the answer i went through some of those thoughts too but think of the people behind you who will be devastated if you weren’t around. Hold on to them and think of them when you feel low don’t let people’s hate get in the way of your future. I think that you want to be a pediatrician is great. Im sure people wouldn’t turn away from your help just because you are black.

Worrying about what people think about you is really just a waste of your time. You will drive yourself insane if you take every stupid comment some moron makes to heart! I’m black too and I don’t fit any of the stereotypes, I’ve been called an “Oreo” too and I cringe at the behaviour of some of the black kids at my school as well. I’ve heard people make racist comments about black people but it doesn’t bother me. Why? Racists are stupid!! And so are the people who buy into the stereotypes. It just plain silly to base your entire opinion or perception of a large group on the actions of a few.

What you have to do is learn how to ignore these people. There’s nothing wrong with being black, we’re beautiful and are just like every other race regardless of that one white boy thinks of us. you should feel satisfied that you’re proving those racists wrong with your good grades and such. Btw, don’t you dare touch those skin lightening creams..it may sound like a good idea right now but that stuff rarely works and if it does, it messes up your skin big time. My mom knows a lady who used those creams and she got lighter for awhile but it stopped working and she ended up looking even darker than she was before. I hope you learn how to accept yourself, what you said makes me feel so sad.

Hey, my roommate in college was black and she was college-educated and worked as a model to put herself through college. Focusing on race is stupid.

I get where you’re coming from–I used to volunteer at a hospital and old white patients would sometimes make racist comments while I’m trying to help them (I’m Asian) but you know what? I can walk away from that without saying anything knowing that they’re a total douche and I did my best to be the best person I could be.

Embrace being black and getting good grades, you can get amazing scholarships reserved for African Americans when you’re a senior in high school. And those people calling you an Oreo can go off themselves–since when does striving to be the best person you can be=acting white? It’s sad they have that self-hating mentality. They’re the problem, not you.

I know, being black is hell on the earth. All I can say is, get a therapist to help with the daily assaults on your self esteem. You can leave the country and start anew when you get old enough. If this doesn’t work out much then suicide is the other option like you mentioned. I have read stories of people communicating with the dead, and some dead folks claimed they were happy they ended their lives. Living sucked. Either way, choose the best path for you.

Hey, listen up! Be proud of who you are and never let some moron try to tear you down. Keep getting good grades, this is the key to being successful and wealthy in life, not running around the school acting like a wild pack of dogs.

Have you ever noticed that when blacks become highly educated and secure excellent paying jobs, they usually move into all white neighborhoods? What does this tell you?

They do this because they know that a good solid education will separate them from the other blacks that don’t value a good education and only want to keep doing what they have always been doing, getting into trouble and causing problems for their neighbors and the local police.

I don’t give a rats *** what skin color you are, just so long as you are a good neighbor, raise your children the right way, keep your home and grounds in order so it doesn’t decrease the value of other homes in the neighborhood, and what you do behind closed doors is strictly your business, always be proud of who you are, always.

I grew up in a 85% Italian neighborhood, wealthy Italians, and being half Italian and half Irish, I use to get picked on a lot. So I began to excel in sports (swimming) and maintained a 3.5 average in all my studies and didn’t care what the other students thought of me, as long as they didn’t put their hands on me, we got along just fine. If the other kids wanted to fight each other after school, I didn’t care, let them, its not my concern. If they tried to put their greasy paws on me, well, then they crossed the line and its time for some action on my part. I have only had three fights in my life, the first one I was double teamed and lost. The remaining two was get back for being double teamed and I won. I did not act aggressive or was I rude to the other kids, I Just did my own thing, swimming, scuba diving and surfing and also some underwater photography in La Jolla Cove.

When your self esteem becomes low and you want to bawl, think of this: By achieving high grades in all your studies, you will go on to college and you will become very successful in life, the students that like to cutup while in school will be working in fast food joints the rest of their lives or bagging groceries at the local supermarket.

So as your driving along in your new Benz and living in a beautiful home with a wonderful view, think back to the days when you read what I am saying to you in this chat line and give yourself a pat on the back and a little smile, because now you are successful.

Keep your head up, you have nothing to be ashamed of, nothing!

In a way i can understand, but i love being black. Why? I love proving people wrong. People think just because im black, im outgoing, stupid, loud, and just messy. No im not that. I’m shy as hell and as of now i have a GPA of 4~. I hate being loud, mainly because i have a soft voice.

What your role at your school is to prove not every black person you meet is ghetto. And yes white guys do find us attractive so do other races of men. Don’t listen to that ****. Don’t skin bleach your skin sweety, trust me, in the black community you’ll be seen as a self hater. And you don’t need that now.

Being black is awesome, trust me :). And if you go on youtube like KittyProduction you see Black Women with Asians and stuff like that. Men like us.

I’m a black girl, 15 years of age. I go to a medical academy (there’s one in my school) and sure there are more africans then black, but you see them saying they want to be pediatricians, surgeons, and yes nurses. I want to be an anesthesiologist. There are black women just like you. And also i advise when you grow up, leave that neighborhood. They are bringing your self esteem to absolute zero.

Don’t kill yourself please :(.

Do you think this people would be happy if you did something to yourself I don’t think so they would just say another black person done something bad to themselves because they were crazy or stupid you’re not sound like a person who is stupid you sound like a person who just going through the issues of growing up, don’t do nothing bad to self. I would say that you put aside all the problems that you don’t have any control over,forgive those that are stupid because that’s them. Ask God for wisdom and guidance when I don’t understand things.

I actually posted a “question” just like this… I hate being black.. I also cried while reading this, and I am in a school bathroom. My hair is shoulder length and nasty and i want to off myself too, but i am scared to do it so I am not scared of death. I guess we’re in this together. email me at [email protected] or kik me at sariaaaaaah (if you have one) and lets talk. Instagram? Snapchat? I want to talk with you.

What you have to understand is, you have to represent yourself. People talk about other people and races all the time. I’m sorry that you was hurt by that moron. Here is another thins, if you loved yourself enough, what other people say about you and your skin color wouldn’t have phased you. You change your skin color, people will find something else about you to talk about, it will never end. They will say something about your weight, the way you look anything because that’s what people do. So if they make you want to be white over some comments, what else are people going to make you do? You’re too fat, so you get surgery, you’re ugly you get more surgery and you walk around like a freak because you never loved yourself. Ignore them and move on and loved to be comfortable with who you are.

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