Is it Okay to: Marry your adopted Daughter when she grows up?

I don’t think so since you raised her as your own child. Even though biologically she isn’t related to you, it’s still icky. Emotionally and mentally you are supposed to relate to her as your daughter like any true parent would. Just because Woody Allen did it (and probably many others) doesn’t make it right.

Adopted–I’m not sure it may not be legal to marry her. When you adopt a child your relationship to that child legally becomes the same as if the child is a natural child.

On the other hand, the purpose of making “incestuous” marriage or marriage within a prohibited degree, illegal, is to prevent genetic defect/deformity. Of course, this is not likely to happen when the child is adopted because there is no shared genetic heritage.

My guess is that the legal status trumps the lack of medical necessity here. So I would say probably not okay legally, but you need to speak with a lawyer licensed in your state for a competent legal opinion. You could also get in touch with whoever issues marriage licenses and ask that person.

Why the**** would you even ask that kind of a question for all of cyberspace to see? In short, no you shouldn’t. Not only is that morally wrong, it is also a confusing matter that you will get yourself into later on.

First i don’t think that is a question you should be asking the public noooooooooooo in no shape or form is it right for you to marry your adopted daughter.She is your daughter blood or not.

the age gap would probably be too large if youre adopting her as your daughter…so ya it would be pretty sick…then again if the gap isnt anything to be worried about then dont adopt her, get to know her and then marry her someday…save cash 😛

call me stupid but i dont know enough on woody allen to follow the other comments :S

Of course not. I have two adopted children who are now adults. I love them as my own. They will always have that special place in my heart that biological children have. They are not and never will be candidates for marriage to me.

It’s NOT ok because you and her are in a parent-child reltionship. NOT a partners relationship. She sees you and respects you as a FATHER and NOT a partner. That’s why it would be wrong.

No. That is low. Would you be o.k. if your spouse married a child you had with a previous partner when they grew up?

Grab your banjo folks there’s a weddin in our midst.

Ick! I know Woody Allen did it, but he’s pretty nasty too.

In other words, no, no, no, a thousand times NO!

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