Is this insurance fraud and should I report it?

I had a very bad experience at my last dentist’s office and walked out. The appointment was for a routine cleaning and exam. The dental hygienist was very rough and rude to me so I asked to see my dentist. They told me she was on vacation! I didn’t understand why they had me come in when my doctor was out….

That doesn’t sound right. I have to agree with a previous poster. I think you should try to contact your old dentist first before taking legal action. If you can resolve the matter with her, you can save yourself a lot of potential headaches. If that fails, you can try contacting your state insurance department. Insurance commissioner web sites will usually have a form on the web or one that you can print out to file a complaint. You can find your state commissioner web site through the national association of insurance commissioners. Just click on your state. As for the better business bureau, well, they are also an option, though to be honest, I have not heard the best things from other people in regards to them actually getting things done. However if you report your dentist to them, she will at the very least be exposed as being fraudulent. I have included the insurance department website below, as well as another page that you might be interested in reading, which discusses the signs of dental insurance fraud. Hopes this helps. Good luck.

Wow, I commend you for handling this in the peaceful and laborious manner you have so far. On the other hand, I just don’t understand why you would go to the lengths you have so far and not simply confront your prior dentist.

If I was you, I’d demand to speak to your former dentist. No assistants or office staff. The actual dentist! Any professional worth their salt WILL talk to you personally.

After a little reasoning, if you aren’t sent a check straight away, perhaps he/she is nuts, and is a fraud. Ever hear “say something good about someone, and they never know it – say something bad, and everyone does”?

I certainly don’t know what’s going on here. I just don’t understand why you would fight with the insurance company, who’s the LAST to pay, before you would confront the dentist. In my experience, I’ve had NO LUCK with the BBB.

Why don’t you just talk to the dentist? He/she is probably very busy, and doesn’t even know there is a problem.

Good luck to you. Start at the source.

Hi. Ok here’s the thing you mentioned the hygeinist was rough and rude, so she/he must have been cleaning your teeth. If they charged you for the cleaning and you stayed for the cleaning then you are responsible for the bill. If you walked out and did not complete cleaning and they are billing you for the dentist part and you saw no dentist then they are wrong. However no one should ever, ever be rough with any patient. The outcome will be the truth will come out.

You can contact the Department of Insurance in your state for help. And, the Medical Board that handles Dentist.

Well, it’s not exactly insurance fraud, but it IS fraud – medical fraud. If she did the ‘cleaning and exam” without being a licensed DENTIST, she’s effectively practicing medicine without a licence. Accordingly, your insurance isn’t going to pay anyone without a license to practice dentristy.

That sort of thing is illegal.

Sounds shady. I’d report it over on

i think u must report it just for your safety…………….

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