Legal Advise needed: Impact of Job Offer on D visa (Family Reunion) submission for Switzerland?

My spouse is Romanian on a 5 year B-Permit in Switzerland and I am a Non-EU citizen applying for a D-Visa (Dependent visa based on Family Reunion). My appointment to meet the Swiss consular and submit my application is in three days. I just got a job offer from same employer (Novartis) for a contract role. This…

If it were just a form to be completed and sent in by mail, it might have made sense just answering the questions and provide only the supporting documentation required.

However, you have an appointment and you will very likely be asked questions. As you in this situation can show additional documents on request or to corroborate your answers, it would be wise to bring any documents that you believe could be of interest to the consulate, not necessarily handing over all of them at first.

You will likely be asked how you will support yourself. Already having a job offer would be an ideal answer. If you are to live in Switzerland, they would prefer to see you working and paying taxes. Earning your own money would look better than being dependent on your husband or just hoping to find a job in the future. Even though you theoretically get this job instead of a Swiss citizen, issuing you with an authorisation to work, in hope of you staying unemployed does not make sense. If you are highly skilled and fill a gap with a Swiss company, you are doing the Swiss labour market a favour and they know that.

While it is possible that you after being offered an attractive position, should quickly enter into a marriage of convenience or that you should get married only to be able to take on highly qualified jobs, these scenarios do seem unlikely. With skills in high demand, and with an offer from a multinational company, you should be able to find work in several other countries and might in more than one country, perhaps also in Switzerland, have a good chance of getting a work permit on your own merits, making you an unlikely candidate for bluffing your way into the country.

Without any special ties, without the right citizenship and with no employment offer, your only chance of being allowed to live in any Western European country would have been through a partner or spouse giving an unemployed jobseeker, which your husband wants to make you look like, a stronger motive to enter into a sham marriage.

Not only would the truth be to your advantage, having to withhold information will make the situation awkward and if you get caught lying your chances of getting a permit will not be the best.

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