Little sisters 16th birthday?

Has anyone got any ideas for my little sisters birthday,I want it to be extra special! Ideas for pressies and what to do etc.

how about a photo album of things youve done together throughout your lives. you could always get her something that says special sister on it. I got my little sister a charm bracelet, she’ll get a charm when shes 16, 18, 21 etc and it wil always be something personal to me and her. you could always get her a novelty key as one present because at 16 you have so much to look forward to and are growning up and more independant and so it would mean the key to the rest of her life to open all the doors for her future. An idea for a party make it a really girlie one, even a bit childish, you could do dressing up theme, i thought of this because at 16 your growing up and so it could be a chance for her to be childish again before she has to do that. hope this has helped, and good luck in making her day special. i know what its like because i love my lil sis to bits and would feel the same.

Has she ever been to a spa??? Day spas often have b-day package deals incl. facials, mani/pedicures, cosmetic/hair makeovers, etc…what a great way to get her/friends rolling onto being Woman, along with perks for the gifter, who gets a day at the spa, too (lol). It’s a fun experience for any Chickie, and different from the usual party theming. The most you may have to do is provide snack foods (healthful ones, of course…smoothies, sun chips, fruit kabobs, etc.) or the spa may provide such, too. Instead of the usual gift bags, give each a gift certificate at the end of the day so they can each purchase something that they especially liked, or save it for a future trip…many spas also have little baggie deals available for these occassions.

The perfect gift would be a charm ring of sisterhood, maybe a goddess charm–always inspiring to look upon. Or you & other immediate family join funds to buy a light charm bracelet & each contribute a charm to get it rolling.

Good Journey!!!

Invite her friends for a party at a resturant and then take her to a spa for a make over in a rented limo

Hire a pink stretch limo and take her for a night on the town.

Go shopping with her for something for her prom – i’m guessing she’s doing GCSE’s right now/equivalent in US? I am!
Buy her a bag or a corsage or some nice new makeup for it.

get a limo and drive in to the city and go clubbing, get dressed up in costumes (fairys etc)

don’t get the epilator. that can be taken offensivly. stick with the emo stuff. get her some earrings. maybe a shirt from hot topic?

have a sweet 16 surprize party for her & invite all of her friends & maybe have a d-j there too. good luck!

Get the biggest vibrator that Ann Summers sell.

cigarettes and lottery tickets

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