Please tell me the gaza and israel conflict ?

I want to know why there is a conflict between gaza & israel ?
who are Palestines ?

Palestinians in Gaza are mainly Egyptians. The Palestinians in West Bank/Judea and Samaria region are mainly Jordanians and Syrians. They all want to be Palestinians now.

While some of them are local home grown Arabs, of which Israel already absorbed some into its nation state and are now Israelis, the majority of what you see today either came and settled there to fight in the wars or settled there because they lost to Israel then encouraged to squat and claim the land. Then you have the other class of people that didn’t want any part of the conflict, one day they were Jordanians and the next day the internationalists made referundum that they were “homeless Palestinians.”

Syria and Egypt invented the PLO to overtake all three fledgling states of Jordan, Israel and Lebanon. Because of their violence Jordan kicked them out in the bloody Black September Jordan battle where they tried to assassinate the King and used a Jordanian soldier’s head as soccer practice and usurped the rule of law trying to make a state within a state. Israel helped kick them out of Lebanon in the 1982 Beirut war where Syria sponsored it still and Arafat said “the road to Israel leads through Jonieh” but then he fled.

The people that are responsible are the ones that decided to wage the wars (the Arabs at the urging of Syria and Egypt) and play people as pawns against the state of Israel.

Before this whole issue started the “Palestinians” called themselves mostly Syrians and the Gazans were mostly Egyptians.

Israel absorbed its refugees from Islamic dominated lands in the Middle East and was forced to forfeit assests there. A “Palestinian crisis” shouldn’t be on the doorstep of Israel to further absorb. Jordan received 80% of the former British Palestine Mandate.

Irregardless of this, Israel was still willing to give up some land in the diplomatic peace process. Disengagement 2005 was a diplomatic step towards peace, and the Palestinians accepted it. Within HOURS they were met with rocket fire from Gaza Strip and within four DAYS the Hamas “armed resistance” to the peace process said this:

(Sheik Nizar Rayan, Hamas “political” leader, at a rally in Gaza, Al-Jazeera TV on September 16, 2005, MEMRI)
“We stand here on our liberated land, near the armistice borders. We remember when Sharon said that Netzarim is like Tel Aviv. Hamas has said, via the lion of Palestine [Rantisi], that Gaza is like Tel Aviv. The promise that has been fulfilled and will be fulfilled in the future, oh Sharon, is the promise of Allah, and the promise of Hamas. Behold, Palestine is being liberated, Allah willing…”

“We have come here in multitudes to proclaim that Hirbiya and Ashkelon will be taken by the mujahideen. We have come here to say that the weapons of the resistance that you see here will remain, Allah willing, so that we can liberate Palestine – all of Palestine – from the Sea to the River, whether they like it or not.”

(Ismail Hanieh, Hamas leader, January 18, 2006, AP)
“We do not recognize the Israeli enemy, nor his right to be our neighbor, nor to stay (on the land), nor his ownership of any inch of land…. We are interested in restoring our full rights to return all the people of Palestine to the land of Palestine. Our principles are clear: Palestine is a land of Waqf (Islamic trust), which can not be given up.”…

edit: @ person below me.. the “Palestinians” of today aren’t related to the ancient Philistines. The Philistines are extinct. Jewish people are Arabs too, and when the Middle East was involved in modern nation building process, nobody was left out. They received their proper land with the correct corresponding capital, just like everyone else. The ancient Romans renamed the place Palestinia, and at that time the Arabs reported to Damascus and called themselves Syrians. This continued for centuries and the Arab Palestinian people is a modern invention to fight the fledgling Jewish state.

In a nutshell, it is a conflict over a piece of land. Originally, Palestinians occupied the land until about 4500BC, when Israel forced them out and took over the land. They have been fighting for the land on and off since then.

israel is acting like an old southern US plantaion owner , who , for the life of him , can’t understand why the slaves hate him .

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