Question about birth control for pro-lifers only. What do you think of the mini pill?

I was prescribed the mini pill for birth control because I am breastfeeding. After I got the prescription filled, I read the insert. It says that it MAY prevent ovulation, but one of the other ways it prevents pregnancy is by making the lining of the uterus thin so that a fertilized egg can’t emplant. This is…

I was given the mini-pill as well after I had my daughter because it was considered safe for breastfeeding. I got it filled but never used it for the same reasons as well as for it to be effective you have to time it at the EXACT time everyday literally, exact time. I couldn’t take something that I knew if I did have a egg that was fertilized that it would be swept away like it was nothing. Granted, I understand that a woman will have fertilized eggs that do not implant and we will never know about it but the fact that I was taking a pill that would purposely make the egg not implant, I just couldn’t do it.
If you okay with the ring, condoms, natural family planning, or I think the IUD give those a try instead. We just stuck with condoms since I was breastfeeding.

i think of that Catholics and probable another professional-lifers are against it. My very own theory that i think of is shared via maximum in my denomination (Baptist) is that combating concept isn’t an identical element as terminating a being pregnant. A beginning administration pill is yet another approach of combating concept (like a condom), and subsequently it is okay to apply them. I took beginning administration pills from the time I have been given married until a 12 months or so in the previous we’ve been waiting to have our first baby. i attempted taking them after 1st being pregnant, yet had too many section outcomes. I additionally had my tubes tied after 2d toddler. probable some professional-lifers might shame me for that too. slightly greater arguable is the “morning-after pill” because of the fact for this reason, theoretically concept would have befell and the pill is combating implantation. (i think of I certainly have this suited, yet no one shoot me if I used the incorrect scientific terminology or misunderstood the biology right here!) This gets right into slightly greater of a “gray section” that i think of maximum professional-lifers might evaluate abortion. it is tough for me to no longer think of in relative words and seem at taking a “morning after” pill suited away as a lesser evil than getting a overdue-term partial beginning abortion. i in my opinion have confidence that each and every person existence is helpful, and that i does not evaluate abortion as an selection for an undesirable/unplanned being pregnant. i does not enable or help my daughter getting an abortion if she have been to have an undesirable being pregnant–i might strongly motivate her to place it for adoption. whether, I additionally does not purchase her beginning administration pills basically before marriage–I pontificate abstinence to her and pray that she listens. wish that solutions your question!

I think that I might opt for a different form of birth control if it was me. I am prolife and for the same reasons you described I would not use an IUD. Best of luck and btw I loved the ring and they let me use it while nursing.

I wish I didn’t know that. I also take the mini pill and this is disturbing information. I am going to talk to my doctor about it and see if I can use a different form of BC.

I also have an objection to some birth control pills for that reason. Yes, I wouldn’t take it.

I suppose it depends on how much guilt you think you’re going to bear. If you can’t live with the thought of what might be happening, then you need to find another form of control. Don’t go with something that’s going to add unnecessary stress and guilt to your life, there’s no way it will be good for you.

I agree with you also. There are other options for you, like condoms ( i know i know) or natural family planning while breastfeeding. Or you could look into other mini pill options.

I’ve never even heard of that type of birth controll, but yeah i’d opt for a different type.

yes i would get on a different birth control pill

sorry but i would

i wouldnt take it either. have you ever looked into a cervical cap? yes i agee, once an egg is fretilized its a baby.

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