TH family: i think i’ve moved on… :(?

I don’t think i am a fan of tokio hotel as much anymore. BUT i do not hate them.
i have moved on to a different style of music… screamo O_o.
i am thinking about changing my avatar soon to a new band. i will make up a name that has something to do with TH… so i am not totally leaving.

POLL: do you…

of course we all want you to stay…i admit i have gotten over tokio hotel a little bit (meaning i am not as much of a crazy obsessive fan like i was when i first heard them 😛 ) but they are still my favorite band and i also have plenty of other different bands that i love other than tokio hotel so i don’t see the problem! except if you start hating on them then we’ll have a problem lol just kidding! i know you wont do that and we all love you and just want you to be happy (i know that sounds really corny but its true 😀 )

Aww… thats kinda sad =(
Yeah I wish you could stay.. but the choice is yours I guess.
BTW, just because your into ‘screamo’ now, doesnt mean that you have to totally abandon TH altogether! Alot of my fave bands are screamo ones.. but I still love TH.

Anyway… hope to see you around… and good luck with your new musical adventures =)

Gah; i do no longer choose the Tokio lodge kinfolk to end… in any respect. Honestley, how many human beings do you spot that have issues, the place they ask questions and answer questions some band daily; and sophistication one yet another as a kinfolk? Like “Jonas Brothers kinfolk” Or “Miley Cyrus kinfolk?” (Sorry i used an occasion, yet there very in lots of cases requested approximately) Now, back to the factor. there is not any one else doing this, different than us. and that i might honestley hate to make certain this cave in. we are transforming into so to date in this; and we’ve all gotten to properly known one yet another so properly..And to have cave in..I in basic terms dont choose to think of it occurring. If Monika needs to bypass away, i honestley understand the place she is coming from and that i agree along with her one hundred% There are some question’s here that are being requested..that dont make no sense, yet different then those questions; there particularly very properly. and that i might hate to make certain anybody else bypass away, and for this to cave in. and that i dont even choose to make certain Monika bypass away aswell; she had such large answer’s and questions, im going to pass over it <3 i think of we ought to continuously take a step back and notice how far we are transforming into. I dont particulary understand whilst the “Tokio lodge kinfolk” all started; yet i do no the day i joined. It replaced into in April, and we’ve been a surprisingly small group..however the small group grew into something lots larger, and as a kinfolk we common each and every physique into the group. Now persons are claiming that they choose to bypass away simply by fact its gotten to important? -We arent the sole Tokio lodge followers obtainable, and there are going to be hundreds extra transforming into a member of this group simply by fact the days bypass by using. and that i would be here to make certain each and every bypass and each come. have been a kinfolk, and might stay mutually 🙂 So im no longer leaving.. (: xo

well of course i wish you could stay. but really thats up to you.
im in a similar situation like you, i still like them but not as much as before, and mainly the reason for that is that i have grown into an adult and i have changed, but i look back and remember how much i love them and they way they make me feel, and good memories that it brings a smile to my face and therefore i havent totally gave up on them.

Well; ive hardly seen you around here but, GOOD BYE 🙁
its sad because ive just met you and now your leaving.. its depressing because every week fans keep leaving the family :\
but have fun anyway and i hope you enjoy your new bands..

Aww, that sucks :[

But we can’t force you to like them, everybody changes & you’ve outgrown TH & gone into another area of music, totally understandable 😀

Poll; If YOU want to, then you should stay.

awww poopie we lost a family member :*(
well it was nice having u in the family but rember ur always welcomed
goodluck on ur journey obi wan kenobi lol

Nooo don’t go!
we need you but you know what
you were a fan and you still are so
you’re still family <3 just like not
a strong member like others ughh
iam probably making no sense to you
and i apologize………
i personally support your love
for another band. just please don’t forget
about your Tokiohotel family
Good Lucck with your new band


Of course, I want you to stay. Family, remember?
It’s your choice though. I wouldn’t dare to force you to stay.

awww we’ll miss u. its fine though, im not as obessed with them as i was before but i still love them more than anything.

poll: yes,well it doesnt matter, whatever you want i guess 🙂

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