Toilet training 3 yr old?

My son is 3 1/2 and is still in nappies, he refuses to use the toilet or potty and screams and cries till he ends up sobbing if i so much as mention it to him. the only problem i have is that hes due to start school in 6 months and hes still in nappies, i cant send him to school in nappies. he has been to the…

Well I don’t think you want to him to injure himself by making himself constipated. Even though you want him to go to school, it still isn’t worth that. I know you’re in the UK and I have heard that more and more children over there are going to school un-toilet trained. I don’t know if the schools have cracked down upon it or not. However if he has to go to school before he’s trained maybe the kids there that are trained can play some sort of peer pressure role that would encourage him to use the toilet.

You need to change his thinking to pants/toileting. Perhaps try taking him to choose some new big boy pants then just put him in them, explaining that he’s a big boy now and the babies need his nappies. Perhaps he could ‘donate’ unused nappies to a baby you know? Then it’s all about making the experience fun for him. Try games and songs related to toilet humour – kids love songs about toilets! Also try reverse psychology ‘don’t go to the toilet’ – this works a treat when trying to get my 31/2 yr old to do what I want him to. I just tell him not to do it! I’d also scrap the potty and teach him to go straight to toilet. Stickers are also fun, could they be stuck somewhere near the toilet for each success? Another trick I use with my boy is the praise bucket. When he’s done something good I pretend to shovel invisible praise over him and verbally praise him at the same time, his face is a picture. Finally, don’t worry about the holding too much, it’s really common. My son does it from time to time and apparently I was a nightmare for it. Again making it fun is the key with most kids. Ask him to see how big a splash he can make by doing his poo, it might sound gross, but you’ll both feel better if it works. Good luck.

I don’t mean to sound harsh but while he is screaming etc he is getting all of mummys attention, and now its become a pattern.
Honestly, stop putting the nappies on…carry spare pants and clothes with you, put a absorbent sheet under the bed cover and let him wet himself….he will learn.
obviously im not saying leave him in it cos he’ll get sore skin, but he won’t like havin wet pants, after a day or 2, encourage him to use the toilet first thing when he wakes up and last thing before he goes to bed, let him take control. if he does wet him self say oh dear! but then if he does use the potty or toilet give him such praise they he will want to do it again.
Take the pressure off and buy some extra washing powder!
Good Luck

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Does ur son go 2 preschool?my daughters 2 half,shes jus started n is still n nappies(pull ups) on her very first day she told the teacher she needed wee wee this was def becoz she had seen all the other kiddies doin it:) at home she has a potty n one that fits on the toilet,ditch the nappies wen ur at home and he wont av much choice dont get stressed if he has an accident it will happen,u still have 6 months b4 big school alot can happen in 6 months,good luck x

My son was like that until i went completely cold turkey on him. I told him that I ran out of pampers for him and all i can do is put him in underwear. The trick to getting him to poop in the toilet is give him a potty that fits him and to make him relax. Simple white noises work. It’s heartbreaking to see them resist so much but its more heartbreaking when they don’t know why they can’t do what other kids are doing. It’s a milestone he has to accomplish and you are there to help him on the way. Be strong and assertive.

If he gets that stressed out about using the potty why don’t u try leaving his nappy on and when he needs to go for a poo poo or wee wee leave his nappy on but sit him on the potty then in a few days take his nappy off and keep an eye on him for when he needs to go and try putting him on the potty may work don’t forget to give him plenty of praise even 4 just sitting on the potty good luck

1. In the morning, when he wakes up. Take off his pants and underwear. Let him go about playing or whatever he normally does.
2. Encourage him to constantly drink water and juices.
3. Keep a close eye on him at all times.
4. Because he isn’t wearing anything, you will be able to tell if he needs to pee right away, by instinct he will grab his “wee-wee” (penis) and cry or point to it, to show you he is uncomfortable. Don’t be alarmed, he’s not in pain, just feeling pressure and being confused as to what it means, he’s not used to feeling like his “wee-wee” (penis) is full.
5. When he does this, take him to the potty right away. It’s best to carry him, so he knows that he needs to show you that he has to pee so he can get to the potty. This will teach him to point or grab himself to communicate to you he needs the potty. He will realize this is more comfortable than holding in his pee until you offer to take him to the toilet.
6. Do this for 2 consecutive days then put his pants and underwear back on at all times, but keep an eye out because he will still try to let you know when he has to pee (pointing down there, grabbing himself through the pants, crying, putting his hands in his underwear and trying to pull out his “wee-wee”, pee-pee dance, etc.)

My boy is really stubborn but I was able to potty train him in less than 7 days. I used this method I found online

Put a Cheerio in the toilet bowl and tell him to aim for it. Make a game of it.

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