What Should A Group Of Four Girls Be For Halloween? NO INAPPROPRIATE COSTUMES?

We are a group of four girls and we don’t know what to be for halloween.


2. Please try to list a few just not one..

1- Animals
2- two angels and two devils
3- Super heroes vs villans
4- Toothpaste,toothbrush,floss and mouthwash
5- Fantasy charachters ( Alice in wonderland, fairies ect..)
6- Little girls
7- Food
8- Glow ppl
9- Vampires
10- Bugs bunny or other old tv show charachters

Hope this helped!

The spice girls(I know it’s 5)
Charlie’s angels(3 good angels, 1 bad one)
Different types of Barbies
You can pick a famous athlete and be their wife? 🙂
Victoria Secret angels with a little more clothing

The ladies from sex and the city.
Dorothy, The Wicked Witch, Glenda the Good Witch and The Scarecrow.
The Pink Ladies from Grease (this one is my favorite!)

Cave women.
2 monkeys, 2 bananas, chase each other around like idiots.
ladybugs and bumblebees
Old ladies/men

Have fun! (:

Well 4 of the spicegirls
Milk and cookies
Bowling ball and pins

dorthy scarecrow tin woman lioness
shortcake girls
disney princesses
alice mad hatter queen and cheshire cat

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