Why does the US interfere in almost every other country’s internal affairs?

The US interfere in other countries’ internal affairs only when they have some particular interest in this country. The war of Iraq is actually a matter of petrol: the reasons Bush gave for attacking them were all wrong, no nuclear weapons have been found there and Saddam had no link with Al Qaeda. And this happens a lot, if the US have interests in a country and see it’s going wrong, they interfere in the internal affairs of this country. When they have no interest at all and nothing good to get from it, they just let it be: I’m sure that most American people don’t even know that countries such as Turkmenistan or Bielorussia exist, do they? Well the presidents of these countries are dictators, but they have nothing to offer if they become democracies… so you won’t see Bush there.

Excellent queston, Madpol. I think at least part of the problem lies in the fact they (both Libs and Cons) do not consider the influence of foreign interests in the US threatening to our democracy (and it is very threatening indeed) as they think the US is invincible and thus not subject to a vague and diffuse threat such as mass media ownership by foreigners or Chinese owning most of our debt, or DC lobbies. It is, I believe, a calculated unwillingness to admit US is not a country it was a few decades ago. They live in the past and still refuse to ackgnowledge, even to themselves, the world has changed and so did the US. House of Saud – roughly 80 BILLION dollars invested in the US Prince Walid, a Saudi, de facto ownership of Citigroup Red China – owns most of US debt R. Murdoch – owner of the US mass media IPAC in DC, the most powerful lobby – let me give you a quote of Y. Shamir (former PM) “who cares who the president is in the US, as long as we have the Congress” Cuban Exiles – de facto dictating US policy toward Cuba I think we gave away, or sold, our sovereignity when we became the biggest debtor nation in the world, and that momentous event was not lost on the likes of Murdoch or the Saudis. And I must say we did this rather nonchalantly and with premeditation. It was about the same time a war on the middle class was declared. Besides, they can’t tell the people the ugly truth, if they did there would be a revolution in the US which would end up exposing and then deposing them for what they did.

For the same reason that the police interfere with people’s affairs: because nobody else can or will. Look at the countries around the world where the U.S. hasn’t ‘interfered’: the Sudan, for instance. Or other counties around the world with an internal death-count of several hundred thousand. The U.S. gets blamed if it acts and chastised if it doesn’t, but for evil to succeed good has only to do nothing.

As far as ‘interfering’ in other countries, what do you consider the terrorists from Syria and Iran to be doing in Iraq? Or the Taliban in Afghanistan? Or the Islamic fundamentalists in Indonesia, the Philippines, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, etc.? And why do you condone their terrorism and mass-murder while blaming the U.S., who is letting more people go than killing them out of political correctness?

This is called foreign aid. Almost every other country in the world depends on the United States for monetary or military assistance. The U.S. maintains a presence in some countries by request of that government. In other places it is to protect our own interests or in some cases to fulfill treaty obligations.

We live in a global community. The United States is the leader of the free world. We cannot shutdown our foreign policies without major repercussions being felt around the world.

Yes, we are that important.

It doesn’t, there are approximately 200 countries in the world, “every other” would be about 100. Can you name 50? 20? How many countries does Russia, China, or even Iran interfere with? Which country would you rather be “interfered” with?

A fraction is to promote freedom and democracy but majorities is just to protectt US interest in those country and regions. To protect means by any mean necessary and that include assassination, covert action, economic and political sabotage, supporting opposite party, all out war and anything in between. In Cuba case, assassination are the answer to topple the Communism Gov. In Iraq case, we go to war to secure our oil supply and maintain influences in the oil rich middle east countries.

After all the end justified the means and the history is written by the victor.


Self Appointed Police-Ego

The USA is, for the moment at least, the world’s only super power and this means it can interfer in other countries’ affairs and it does.
If you had incredible influence, wouldn’t you use it?
We might disagree about US policy or what the USA does with its influence, but we have to understand the nature of international politics and how things are and alwyas will be.

Because we think we are the biggest, most intimidating country in the world.
We need to focus on our own problems and resolve them, and butt out of everyones business.

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