Why shoud Sen. Barrack Obama win the presidential election?

Who should win McCain or Barrack?

I won’t vote for anybody who has thus far, refused to prove he is an American citizen!

I’m not voting( i’m not american) but i can give you my opinion.

– america has a bad reputation for having stupid warmongering presidents(Thank Bush), and un-eloquent, pompous fat people(for some reason the rest of the world thinks it’s not unfair and racist to tar all americans with the same brush) Obama, being a great, charismatic orator would help with foreign relations.

– some of obamas economic ideas would be ok, thought i think the mistake of introducing socialism in times of economic hardship has been made FAR too many times, he has some economic ideas on the milder end of the leftist scale that might work.

– obama wouldn’t be a warmonger… he would do what the UN advised!
and contrary to what a lot of americans think, following the advice of the un would be better than working off your own initiative and ”reliable sources” to start a war… then it wouldn’t just be america in it on their own. Bush didn’t protect America and the rest of the world with his ‘tough decisions’ he just jumped into a war alone instead of consulting the rest of the world (who would have done something about it in a timely manner!! )

– Obama is by no means the ‘safe option’ but then, bush being re-elected was the ‘safe option’. McCain would let americans fix it themselves(which i think would work) but many like Obamas different way of thinking( though i think economic hardship will continue under Obama)

bush replaced into on his way out ,he had already carried out 2 excursions as president and replaced into no longer very familiar in the direction of the top .and it additionally who you desire to have self belief the people who choose responsible him for inflicting the activities of 9-11 . ok obama is a harvard grad and wrote some books (is that standards to be coming president )? he labored his way up interior the political ranks and made the bounce from the state Senate of illinois to president .yet returned there are human beings obtainable that desire to show his as a fraud and not even a citizen of u . s . ,and if it is authentic then he would desire to be reported and federal quotes( it it is authentic then he dedicated a criminal offense against u . s . )yet i visit confess one element the folk of u . s . have giving him a low self belief score appropriate to the way he has dealt with the banking crises,well being care assurance ,housing industry ,and jobs and that i visit confess yet another element he has going for him being the 1st black american to grow to be president .(regardless of if human beings say he’s replaced into illegally voted in )

people in the USA just have a really low attention span…(they think that we have spent to long in Iraq), don’t you remember how you felt that day of 9-11??? McCain should win because he will keep taxes low and the economy running strong.

I have know clue as to why people would want Obama. seriously I don’t.

The last 8 years says it all. We need a change.
McCain is eloquent at misconstruing everything Obama has said and supported.
I highly reccomend folks to peal the onion layers and research. Depending on Youtube and politcal ads is narrow.
Some of the the politcal ads back and forth is so smeared with dirt it’s almost comical.

Regarding his citzenship:

Regarding Gang violence:

Obama sucks because he`s pandering to people who want a hand out that they didn`t earn and don`t deserve.On one hand we have a guy we know little about that refused to even wear an American Flag lapel pin!On the other we have someone who has fought for our country,spent six years of his life in a POW prison,refusing to leave because fellow prisoners had been held longer than he and spent years fighting for what`s right for this country!The choice is simple.OBAMA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barrack Obama. He is for the hard working middle class and his tax plans for those of us who make less than $250,000 works for me. That would be 95% of us.

Besides, the fact we need a change in leadership this country needs to go in a new and direction Direction.

Obama Rocks. Obama/Biden in 08.

I agree with Moose… Bush policies failed and what Mccain is trying to do is the same as Bush did.. If Obama wins, everything will be changed and our country would be for the better 😉

That is the right question” WHY? it is going to
come to past if he wins people are going to ask why did I vote for Obama. by then it will be to dam late.so just be patriotic and pay your taxes.

Because McCain supports Bush policies and Bush policies failed.

A vote for McCain is a vote against accountability. Bush had 8 years, six with a majority in the Congress. He got everything he wanted.

The country is a disaster.

Hold Republicans accountable for their failures.

Obama 2008

McCain is showing symptoms of Alzheimer’s, which makes sense because he’s like, insanely old, and Palin knows even less about what’s going on than her kid. The one with Down’s syndrome.

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