Would it be nice if Bill Clinton runs for a third term, and would it make America better and different?

Would it be nice to imagine Bill Clinton for a third term? If he was inaugurated for a third term, what do you think he would do as president?

I would much rather have George W. Bush for a third term.

for my area, the respond is confident. i’m in choose of a REFORMED bill Clinton interior the White abode! there is not any one that i understand at the instant working who can do the activity at a extreme point from the get-bypass! bill can do it (a reformed bill Clinton). He has the endorsement of China’s head of state (at the instant in exile interior the US) and previous British best Minister Tony Blair! And, probable, Putin. approximately ninety% of the people posting indexed right here are reacting to thoughts and to what they have heard or learnt from the media. people, different than for the political specialists, are no longer waiting to choose Clinton’s effectiveness as President and how he dealt with and controlled the place of work of the President (in kinfolk concerns besides as distant places affairs). different than for scandals he performed surprisingly nicely! the final person is probably no longer waiting to work out that and consequently can no longer choose Clinton from that stand factor. we are able to however! Max .

Bill Clinton is not the answer. He blew up the bubble and was only luck that he left before it popped.

The law says he cant and he wouldnt want to. He just had a slight heart attack again.

Clinton got lucky for the most part. Also, he was in on NAFTA, which paved the way for exportation of jobs.

I am glad he cannot. He might bring back the stuff he stole from the White House though

Thankfully that can’t happen. We need a President Reagan type person to get us out of this mess.

I assume you know he can’t, but he’d schmooze again. He’s a great schmoozer.

If it were legal, he would win. Republicans have certainly not accomplished anything over the last year but imitate cry babies with temper tantrums.

have another intern give him a hummer

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