Would you win the Uefa Champions League or The World Cup? Explain why?

I’d rather England won the World Cup than Chelsea won the Champions League. The Champions League is just a big money making scheme, it allows people who finish as low as fourth to enter it and the format is a farce, I’d much prefer it to be an open draw, two legged knock out system like the European cup used to be so, being a Chelsea fan, I’d rather my club won the Premiership every time, the Champions Leage would just be a nice bonus.
The World Cup features the best players from the best footballing countries on the planet. There are no farcical qualification rules and I believe the best team really does win the tournament, unlike the Champions League.

If I was a pro footballer i would rather win the World Cup. I rather win a cup with my nation then with my club. My country never went in the Euro cup, World cup or Champions League so winning the World Cup will be amazing especially if you score the winning goal.

Even though I absolutely love the club I support. I would rather my country win the World Cup, than my Club win 10 Champions Leagues.

i would rather win the world cup because you are representing your entire country and i believe it is a bigger honour to win the world cup
when you win the CL your only being a hero for your club rather than the entire nation

I am not a professional footballer, therefore this tasks do not seem to be possible.
Are you asking which of these tournaments I would prefer to win?

I would like my country to win the World Cup, since they have never won it.

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