Husband loves the name..I am warming up..friends hate it?

So what do you think of the name Rocco James for a husband is a huge sports fan and has visions of a little baseball star named Rocco..also he manges rock bands and wants a stand out case his little one wants to be a front man of a band someday LOL..the name is growing on me..but NONE of our…

I’d make Rocco the middle name – that way, his dad can call him that to his heart’s content at home and the kid can still have and use a normal name everywhere else.

Its a nice name for a dog but not a child. How about James Rocco – then you could call him Rocco at home and he can go by James at school or whatever. You cannot choose who your child will be and little Rocco might turn out to be a computer hacker or a star trek nerd – whatever – he needs a name he can use for everything not just for his sports/mofia career!

sounds tuff and cute, who cares what the friends think. I really like it. But you are the one that has to go through the pain of giving birth, you should have a lot of say in this. You must feel good about your childs name, you might be the one saying it most. So dont give in too easily. Tell him to get a dog and name it Rocco or somekind of pet if it means that much to him, he wants you to help him live out his dream, thats a lot for him to ask when usually most men, good men understand its the least you should get to do after what you have been through. Of course he should like the name you pick, if my husband didnt like a name I moved on to the next name on the list.

Cant say that I like Rocco either…(Isnt that the name of Madonna’s son?)
How about Ryder? It’s strong & different & starts with a R.
Ryder James sounds good in my opinion.

That ranks right up there with Nicholas Cage naming his sone Ka-Lel…after Superman’s real name. Rocco????

Please reconsider…or at least give the child a normal nickname.

Didn’t Madonna name her some Rocco?

I’m not a huge fan…I just think of like the Staten Island Greased Back Hair… “Heya Rocco”.

What about Nicco (Knee-co)… It still has a similar feel, but not so over the top.

Rocco is a great name. Your friends will get used to it.

I love the name Rocco!! Dont listen to your friends. I have 2 girls named Skye and Zoey. No – one in my family liked the names but me and my husband but it grew on them.

I went to school with a kid named Rocco- we all called him Roc he never got teased for it and well I never thought much about it it was just a name. If you guys are happy with it- then it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks it’s your kids they’ll have their own to name. GL and congrats sounds like daddy has a plan for his little boy

pick a few names and then wait till the baby is born and see what he looks like he may not look like a rocco he may look like a jared ya never know

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