Pop Quiz for Global Warming believers. If the Arctic melts away completely in 5 to 7 years, as Gore says?

What would be the results?
1. Sea levels rise dramatically.
2. Sea levels remain the same
3. Sea levels decrease

To Dave87:

The issue isn’t whether Gore predicts the weather accurately, it’s whether he accurately represents the data of the scientists he’s quoting. He didn’t. Gore cited Dr. Weislav Maslowski, and claimed that “fresh data” showed a 75% chance the the arctic will be ice free during the summer in 5 to 7 years. Maslowski later denied that, saying he wasn’t sure how Gore came up with that figure.

To answer Pennybags question, floating ice displaces water. When it melts there is no rise in the water level. Try this at home by putting ice in a glass and then filling it to the top with water. The ice will float above the rim of the glass, but as it melts the water level will not rise.

Polar Ice melting does not alone cause rising sea levels. The polar ice cap melts and at the same time the glaciers melt and that causes sea levels to rise. Of more importance is that the sea temperature changes as does the salinity, ice has no salt, levels. Fish are going to have a problem and weather will change even more dramatically.

Keep up the nay saying until Earth can no longer support human life.

Ice cubes melting in a glass example means #2. Glaciers melting along with the ice caps means #1.

It seems to me that the important thing to consider is that the ice caps consist of fresh water. If that amount of fresh water is dumped into the oceans, there will indeed be climate change. I’m certainly no scientist, but isn’t there a balance of those two waters which fuels the gulf stream? If that stream is changed, there will be a major change. Just as there has been thousands of times in the past. Humanity will adapt and evolve, or die out. Shake hands with Mr. Darwin.

Sea level increases, as most of the melting glacier water is on land and would flow into the water. Don’t use that ice cube melts in a glass of water argument that AM radio has preached to you. Seas levels will increase as solid water on land would become liquid and move to the sea.

Sea levels would remain the same. Fill a glass with ice and water and watch it melt. Did the glass run over when the ice melted. I didn’t think so.

surely? you could not guard the actuality! Lol the earth’s climate has warmed in the previous people stepped far off from residing with the atmosphere (different than for the community tribes nevertheless practising that way of existence, particularly interior the amazon) and regardless of if all of humanity in no way existed, the climate could nevertheless heat. it fairly is an element of a organic cycle of earth, regardless of the incontrovertible fact that as to how lots people can effect this cycles velocity is everyone wager and that i’m keen to make certain out climate administration, as sooner or later humanity will detect the actuality our earth will back heat up and placed our species fulfillment to a great attempt of survival. all of us could consume and agriculture is the biggest sufferer in warming climate, the flowon result’s definitely international starvation. it is agriculture that needs saving for the survival humanity! I doubt the worlds human inhabitants will ever stablise and if we in no way colonize yet another planet in sn attempt to guard greater components to maintain our inhabitants, then in keeping with hazard we can in no way detect the numerous reward the universe holds in shop for our species.

Why do republicans think Al Gore and Rush Limbaugh are the foremost authorities on Global Warming? Get a clue. Argue the science or stfu.

it would stay the same, easy to prove,libs try this at home,put ice in a glass fill with water,when it melts see if the water level changed. al gore lies regardless,the author of the study al gore cited said “i have no idea where he came up with these figures”

al gore could put pontoons on his learjet and rescue stranded polar bears

The weatherman cant even predict whats going to happen tomorrow, but Gore has to be 100% or he’s an outright liar?

Dont think so

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