Yankee swap gift ideas!?

So there is an anual yankee swap with my family.. there is a 16 year old a 17 year old 2 18 year olds a 19 year old and the rest 39+…so i need an idea that would go good with all of the age groups and also accetable for a boy and a girl… i know that is a wide range of ages but something like a portable ipod…

There are lots of possibilities. Tech is usually popular – things like small mp3 players, Blue Tooth headsets, etc. A couple DVDs or refundable gift subscription to a DVD service like netflix, Make a list of your fav movies or buy a couple of your favorite movies for a personal touch).
Also, if you work somewhere with a discount or find any REALLY good deals on something most people like, get it. Nothing creates a frenzy of stealing more than a present that looks like someone spent more than the maximum amount on. Gift Cards are always popular it seems, but I always think that is copping out.

A $50 gift card to the mall or to a coffee shop. Or maybe even a gas card, but that’s only if they can all drive! Good luck and Happy Holidays!

A gift card/certificate to an electronics store. Or for food, we all gotta eat, and most all persons 2 and up eat at fast food places at some point.

the lottery tickets are always popular. a gift card to a general place like target or walmart prepaid pass to the movies gift card to dunkin donuts or gas gift card even car washes have gift booklets

I would suggest a gift card to walmart, mall, electronics store, or even a food card to a fancy place or to a fast food place. Thats just my opinion.

Road race sets are always popular with people of all ages. I just bought one for my 12 year old grandson and I intend to play with it, too. It only cost $35.

I know Im going to get thumbs down for this, but I like the idea of cast-iron dutch oven, or a 13″ cast iron fry pan. They’ll have it forever and pass it on their kids, and nothing in the world cooks like it, and the iron goes into your food which is very beneficial to your health.

massage chair attachment
hot cocoa maker
movie basket (DVDs, popcorn, candies, etc.)
coffee basket (different flavored coffees, cookies and snacks, holiday mugs, etc.)
DVD player
Hope you get a good gift!

iTunes gift card

hmmm….. how about gift cards???

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