All rational science organizations now agree global warming is a hoax, but why is the ice still melting?

This is a serious question. I get that the earth is not warming. I’ve never fallen for the hoax. Lately even groups that loudly proclaimed that the earth was warming now admit they were wrong and it’s actually been cooling.

I am sure there is a good explanation to be able to explain why the ice is…

You are somewhat misinformed.

1998 was a record year for temperature. But something like 9 of the 15 hottest years on record have occured since then. Some people claim that these numbers show that the globe has been cooling over the last decade. But most scientists view global warming as a longer term trend over hundreds of years. And because temperatures are still much higher than normal (compared to 100 or 200 years ago), the ice is still melting.

Think of it like a stock price. If your stocks spiked to a record price one day last week, and have been lower than that every day so far, are you getting poorer? What if your stocks are worth more today than they have been for most of the last 10 years? Do you still say you’re getting poorer? What if you have it on good authority that the upcoming earnings report is going to state record profits?

They only developed the technology to measure the volume of Arctic ice in the 1970s. Since at that time they were panicking about global cooling, you’d expect the ice at that time would be thicker than it is now. The globe has indeed warmed and as you’d expect, that’s melted some ice. The question is – will it continue to get warm as Al Gore’s movie predicted or will it be more like the UN IPCC model or will it instead go into a cooling period? Of the three, I think we’re looking at the third possibility, moderate to severe cooling lasting for decades and with much worse consequences than warming. I expect the chorus to pick up that tune in the next year or so if that’s true, but I imagine they’ll find the only solution is for the UN to go ahead and take over what you can and can’t do on a daily basis, the same as with warming.

There are natural warming and cooling cycles that have nothing to do with man-made polutants. The hoax came about when the global elites decided to use a natural warming cycle to garner power and impose restrictions and make billions of dollars off of it.

Some ice is melting, other ice is increasing in other parts of the world. But you’ll never convince the sheep who have fallen for the lie.

Ummm, Mr. the NOAA is run by the Dept. of Commerce, of course they have fallen for the hoax.
You’d have to be more specific as to where you think the ice is melting. I have seen data that indicates that there is a cycle whereas ice may melt a little in one place but get thicker in another. Just a cycle.

There’s only one reason ice goes away – it melts! Which kind of makes your statement that the earth is cooling pretty ridiculous.…

It’s just part of the commie plot to get a Kenyan in the White House. The scientists are so pissed off that ordinary high school drop outs have ‘proved’ them wrong on AGW,they are warming up the ice to try to fool us again.

we are but a spec in the cosmos, if that. the poles of the earth have reversed 27 times in the history of the planet but no one knows why. ice is melting in some places and expanding in others. it is just a natural cycle of the earth.

Same reason ice ages have come and gone long before man was around.

No, they don’t. See link, especially the “Contrarians” section.

“All rational science organizations”…. and which organizations would those be ?

How about this one ?…
Are they irrational ? That’s where most of your weather and climate data comes from.

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