Bill Clinton get One Million per speech. How much will Bush get?

Two million in oil.

He will probably speak gratis(no fee) And the religious right,,and the conservative colleges will invite him to speak..Problem for him is no one really cares what he has to say..He hasn’t said or done anything constructive for the country or the average working man ,,in the last eight years..I can’t think of a thing the man could say,,which would influence confidence or reassurance to the population ..He will,,if he is smart ,,save himself the embarrassment of even seeking speeches,,and say he is too busy with his library,,and his legacy!! Whatever that is !! That itself will be interesting to find out what his legacy will be!! SOLOMON

For all that Bush has completed and undone to usa and to others, republicans in simple terms had to circulate away the nice and cozy seat. this is the replace my pal your great us of a desires. confident i think of Obama is a poster boy…rookie..yet seems to be smart – a minimum of hasn’t began rubbing ppl the incorrect way. Clinton – did nicely for the financial gadget and replaced into enjoyed the international over (if he stands election in any us of a, he has a reliable hazard). why shd he be whilst in comparison with Bush?

I have a feeling, much like his presidency he’ll be only interested in what’s fun for GW, so, much like a lengthy part of his presidency he’ll be on the ranch, having cocktails and watching pro sports. He’s set for life folks, the man and his family and his friends all gonna die with more money then they can ever spend.

Bush will speak at Christian Conferences across Texas, and will be lauded because he is not Clinton and will not be paid any fees for his speeches.

But Halliburton and the oil companies will see to it that he receives a handsome salary, whether he’s working or not.

Bush will be lucky if he even gets invited to give a speech.

Depends… how much money does the conservative think tanks have? I doubt he will talk just anywhere… he won’t go anywhere that he will get a bad reception and conservative places are the only place that will ensure this won’t happen.

He closed all of his “town meetings” to dissenters so I feel pretty confident in saying he won’t have a lengthy lecture circuit.

He might make amateur night at the Apollo.

Problem is Bush is only funny when he’s trying to be serious.

He’ll get a life sentence in prison for his speech.

Bush would have to pay people to listen to him. Once he’s finally finally finally out of office, he won’t be able to get anybody to listen to him unless he goes to Arlington..

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