Do Christians think that homosexuals have a CHOICE?

It’s not like they have a choice! They simply don’t have a sexual attraction towards the opposite gender and have one towards the same sex!! I mean, it’s simple as that. They can’t help being gay! It’s like someone TRYING not to fall in love with one girl and TRYING to fall in love with another!…

there are literally millions and millions of “christians” in the world. we have many different attitudes about sexual orientation.

i have a problem with catholicism in principle….i believe no man to be “infallible”.

i know many catholics who disagree with the the church’s view on homosexuality, what i don’t understand is how that, with the pope expressing in his mortality the infallible Word of God as a fundamental precept of the church….that he could also be wrong.

just one of those things that seems pretty black and white to me.

i am presbyterian <usa>. as a group, we are pretty Holy Spirit oriented. we tend to believe that the Holy Spirit speaks to each of us individually and leads us to our own truths.

we have precepts, we have traditions, we have certain views that we find impossible to go against.

such as:

Jesus Christ is the risen Son of God.

if you don’t believe that it’s reason to deny you membership in our church.

men and women speak with equal authority.

if you don’t believe that it’s reason to deny you membership in our church.

we consider no man infallible, and no concept other than to two stated, as eternal, or unchangeable.

i am a full member of our church, a very busy, active member…and i am known by all as a lesbian transsexual.

all christians cannot be defined by one set of ideas.

much love and hope. pj

Some do and some do not.

Created in the image of the one God and equally endowed with rational souls, all men have the same nature and the same origin. Redeemed by the sacrifice of Christ, all are called to participate in the same divine beatitude: all therefore enjoy an equal dignity.

The Catholic Church believes there is nothing sinful about being homosexual. But all unmarried people (homosexual, bisexual, and heterosexual) are called to celibacy.

The Church specifically says that homosexuals “must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.”

Official Church documents:
+ “Always Our Children: A Pastoral Message to Parents of Homosexual Children and Suggestions for Pastoral Ministers”
+ “On the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons”…

For more information, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church, section 2357-2359:…

With love in Christ.

It’s not only Christians.
I have a muslim friend who is homophobic, and she says that it’s a choice. She also says that it’s the parents fault, and that homosexuals deserve to die. (I know…. D:)

As for AIDS: Homosexuals have the same chance of getting AIDS as straight people do. Except for lesbians, who have a lower risk.

And as for this whole topic….I think it’s silly and downright stupid that we have to have this discussion, that it’s so big in today’s society, and that the opposing side is so large. We consider ourselves and advanced culture (I’m talking about the USA), and yet, it’s absolutely horrible to like someone of your own sex.
I’m really tired of it, but seeing that the homophobes won’t change their minds that easily…..we need to keep going.

Also, the whole “God hates gays” thing is just stupid. Wasn’t one of god’s things that he loves everyone?
Homophobic Christians pick what they want to see in the bible. They ignore the “sins” they practice regularly (the most common example being alcohol) and see the ones they can use as excuses for the things they hate.
What I think is that they just don’t like it because it goes against everything they’ve been taught, and they can’t re-teach themselves something else.

Well yes and No. First most of the above answers are just ignorant of the Christan faith, they have not got a clue, but so be it. Many do believe that it is a choice, but many do not. With that said, the point is this, the ACT is without question a choice. Sure, we are attracted to the same sex, and Yes I consider myself a gay Christian. But the attracting and the action are two different things. I know all too well the feelings I have, the attraction that I have. That is normal and not under my control. How I act out on those feelings those attractions, is a choice that I make. A 60 year old man my be attracted to a 10 year old girl, those feeling are one thing, but following through on those feelings is something completely different. Its not uncommon for any man to see a fine looking 16 or so year old girl and want to sleep with her, that’s one thing, its normal, but when you follow through with the act it has crossed from what we are, to a choice we act on.

Unfortunately, they DO believe it’s a choice. I know there’s some type of decree from the Catholic Church saying to welcome LGBTs & treat them with the love of any member of the community.

However, they want LGBTs to remain celibate & single, since there’s NO room for “marriage’ that cannot reasonably result in conception & bearing of children (in order to create more kids so they can be raised Catholic so those kids can have more kids, etc etc)

My wife is Catholic & married to me, which basically means she gay. We both believe in God, & she is still a practicing Catholic, despite the believes/doctrine of the Church. Seriously, how many Catholics follow EVERY piece of doctrine the Church dictates, especially from our generation? Stuff like no premarital sex, cohabitation, contraception, divorce/remarriage, children out of wedlock, single parenthood, etc?

Seriously, my wife’s mother (DEVOUT Roman Catholic) has been married 3 times (2 civil marriage, 1st marriage in the Catholic Church), & according t the Catholic Church, she is STILL married to her 1st husband, & cannot get married again in the Catholic Church. Sure, she can file the paperwork to get the marriage dissolved in the Church. But she HAS NOT, & they were civilly divorced in 1983…nearly 30yrs ago. Yet she’s made a big brouhaha about her daughter’s marriage to me when she’s f-ed up in the eyes of her OWN faith, & is being a hypocrite in the issues of Church doctrine vs civil/real world issues.

Personally, I’ll be damned if any MAN or institution that MAN has created in order to seek a higher spirituality with God gets in between ME & my relationship with God. So called “Christians” have forgotten the true tenants of their faith: Love God & your neighbor, & treat others as THEY want to be treated. Whatever they do to those they consider lesser, they are doing the same thing to God.

I liked this part:
“And the AIDS factor. Homosexuals do get AIDS alot, but so do people who participate in unprotected sex. You’re telling me: it’s wrong for someone to do something that causes AIDS. Fair enough. YET, they ban condoms! AND abortion! So they basically leave no room for completely safe sex.”

I never thought of that before.

Any one can claim to be Catholic and be clueless and callous about its teaching.You proved that. You serve homosexuality over God. All religions leave no room for gays who don’t believe in God, that is called hellbound Atheists.

Gosh, so many lesbians and gays attracted to the opposite sex at some time, having children and married to the opposite sex. I know at least four lesbians who are now straight and two who enjoyed straight sex but weren’t ready.

You can be gay, non-Catholhic, fake Catholic, fake Christian, Atheist, etc and support gay marriage. No true practicing Christian supports gay marriage. The practice the the teachings in the bible. It is possible to be a Christian, who struggles with the gay demon, alcohol, drug, and pedophile demon. This is called demonic oppressssssin. All choices and desire and all influenced by demons.

I cannot stand homophobia, and I am a member of the Church of England (Anglican). I think it’s wrong, stupid, and homosexuality definitely isn’t a choice anyway.

The Bible doesn’t directly state that homosexuality is wrong, and even if it did, I wouldn’t agree with it. Jesus taught on many instances that prejudice and discrimination are wrong (Good Samaritan, Centurion’s Servant, The Anointing of Jesus).

And you know what? Even if Jesus didn’t say discrimination is wrong, I would say it is anyway! Especially homophobia. It’s pathetic!

While I have no problem with Catholicism, you do tend to find that it’s the Pope who is a main Christian who seems to have a problem with homosexuality. Well, Catholic is not another word for Christian and I personally don’t appreciate people telling me what my beliefs are.

I’m a proud member of the Church of England, and I do not support homophobia thank you very much.

They don’t seem to understand that if most of us Christian gays had a choice, we would probably choose to be straight. Why would we continue to do something that we were told was wrong? They like to scare us with hell and it works for some people. Others commit suicide. And feel they have no way out. That right there should tell them that it’s not a choice. I know in my heart that this is who I am. Some people will never understand. But will continue to believe that they know what’s right for you.

Many do. To them, it is sin and sin is either by choice or ignorance therefore homosexuality must be either by choice or ignorance. Most of the high-schizophrenic arguments you hear come from radicals.

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