Do you agree Chris Paul was robbed of the 2008 MVP by Kobe?

I always felt that the voters were sensing it was Kobe’s best shot to get MVP, so they gave it to him as a life time achivement award. It was his peak, and he had a great year, but Chris Paul fit the definition of “most valuable” more than Kobe.

Chris Paul led his team to 56 wins and Kobe led his…

Absolutely robbed.

Paul did everything required of him to win the award.

Made his teammates better? The Hornet’s ranked 8th for FG% and 3rd for 3P%. David West averaged his then career high of 20.6 ppg and 30 year old Peja Stojakovic averaged 16.4 ppg.

Led his teams to wins? They won 56 games and took the Southwest Division.

Dominant on both ends of the floor? Led his team in points (21.1 ppg) and led the league in assists (11.6). He led the league in steals (2.7 spg) and was named to the All-Defensive second team (Kobe robbed him of the first team as well).

Kobe had more help and was therefore less valuable. Paul was clearly the best point guard in the league on both ends of the floor. Your theory sounds correct. Kobe neeeded an MVP to cement his legacy and the voters saw an opportunity to give him that award.

@Tom Jennings – Kobe may or may not have gotten robbed by Nash those years he won back to back MVPs. However, this is irrelevant when discussing whether or not CP3 got robbed by Kobe, which I think he did.

“one of the requirements of being great is taking your teAM all the way to the championship” The MVP award is based purely on the regular season. It doesn’t matter that the Hornets didn’t make the Finals that year, Paul had the best regular season performance.

Kobe had a great team in 2008. Pau put up 19 and 8 and Odom put up 14 10 and 3. They also had some solid contributions from the other role players.

I am SO sorry. But I whole-heartedly disagree with that.

Chris Paul had a stellar year and no doubt was a MVP caliber player that year. But Kobe deserved that MVP award. He was the best player that year. Paul had great stats, but Kobe was the best player that year.

He was the best player on the best team. He led his team to the best record in the western conference (same conference as CP3 might I add). He overcame adversity from several sides that same year. He played through all of the negative vibes from the trade demands, he carried a team that endured injuries to major players (Bynum) and he really helped elevate Gasol to a higher level of play when he came to L.A. This was the year when Kobe tore ligaments in his shooting hand and played through it and STILL managed to lead his team to the top AND be the second highest scorer in the league.

He also accomplished other major things that year as well. He became the youngest player to reach 20,000 points in league history. He became the first player since Jordan to unanimously be selected for the All-NBA team and All-Defensive team for the third year in a row. Its also worth mentioning that all of his stats increased from the previous year EXCEPT his ppg and shooting attempts which decreased showing he started to become more of a team player. At the same time, while his ppg and shooting attempts decreased, but his fg% increased showing that he was a much more efficient player. Simply put, once he was persuaded by management that they would be committed to helping the Lakers build to win now, he came in that year and COMPLETELY elevate every area of his game.

This was the year that he began to elevate from the pure scoring machine that he was to the elite, superstar player that was championship ready. And it further proves his case by leading his team all the way to the finals after he won the MVP award. CP3 and the Hornets fell early in the playoffs. Which shows that even though CP3’s team may not have been as good overall as Kobe’s; Kobe makes the difference between a great team and a championship team. This was the year when Kobe transcended to the true leader and championship caliber player that he is now; even though he didn’t win it all until the following year. But hey……..this is validating that he deserved that MVP in 2008.

Mvp 2008

robbed wow. Kobe got robbed for mvp by steve nash one year. He settled that by dunking on steve nash that same year. Chris pauls a good player. but one of the requirements of being great is taking your teAM all the way to the championship,. Did paul do that???? you answer that. Kobe has a good team please who??? pau gasol who flakes everyother year. Bynum WHOS KNEE GOES OUT EVERY HOLIDAY. ODOM WHOS STUCK ON THE KARDASHIANS. FISHER WHOS OLD ENOUGH TO BE OUR GRANDAD. nO Kobe has been carrying that team since shaq left5 and doing a good job.

Honestly I think KG shoulda got it I mean it’s cuz of him that the celtics got the best single turn around in NBA history and yes ikno Ray and Pierce helped him too but if KG was never there then they wouldn’t be as great and plus He won the Defensive Player of the Year award that year for his amazing defense even at an old age he was still great but that’s just my opinion of why I think he shoulda won it and lastly he lead them to the finals and dominated game 6 vs lakers(131-92) and scored 26

i think you could argue that cp3 was robbed both in 08 and 09.


I 100% agree.

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