Do you think “English” is the most important language to learn nowadays ?

If not, which one is ?…

LOL .. well I am German with a British husband, living in Canada and yesterday someone on languages said that they think German is the most sexy language.. and I said.. I appreciate and respect your opinion, everyone is entitled to express their opinion but I was born there and I went to school there.. and there was a time when German Technology was know to be great.. but that seems to change also and German was never a sexy language … I don’t think it’s sext and French is a sexy language and also a world language, so is Spanish… and English is a world language we all need to be able to speak in order to communicate with people around the world.. because everyone speaks English.. I found that out soon enough when many years ago I wanted to be a translator for German -English and vice versa.. that’s a hopeless endeavour, because everyone speaks sufficient English, they don’t need a translator… and German will never become a world language.. I love the Dutch people.. I lived there for 7 years but I also don’t think that Dutch is a sexy language… the people were great.. and I understand Dutch and I can read it but I can’t speak it…

Italian is a sexy language.. but it’s not one of the world languages.. but definitely more sexy than German.. and the most useful to learn are obviously English, French, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin Chinese… for usefulness… but English has to be spoken… that’s a ”must” as a lot of British in the past didn’t learn another language so us ”foreigners” have to make the effort to speak our language and to speak English and I understand that perfectly especially if we happen to live in an English speaking country.. I am married to an Englishman and I live in Canada.. so it would be very ignorant of me… to not speak English…and for me it’s the most important language, because all the people I interact with on a daily basis speak it…so I am the immigrant I have to speak the language of the country i live in .. and I speak English more fluently than German by now.. I forget words in German because I don’t watch TV or read in the German language.. I only speak German 2 or 3 times a month when i phone Germany to talk to my parents or to my best friend.. all other times I only speak English… xxx

Yes, English has already adopted so many words from other languages that it really is the most universal.

English is universal, so yeah, it’s one of the most important ones. I think the other ones are Spanish, Italian, French.

It depends on if your going to come to and English speaking country. if you are, then yes, so you can communicate with people. But in places like Asia and Europe, where english is not the main language, no.

It pretty much is, most countries speak it, although it is not the most spoken language in the world.

I think it is. English-speaking countries tend to be the most-developed as well.

*Most developed in terms of global communicating exchange, that is.

Yeah i suppose its used quite alot and more are learning it,i speak english so it’s easy for myself.

but i do want to learn how to speak spanish 🙂

Important? How ’bout if everybody signed using universal signing symbols

Spanish always confused me.

de k ablas? no te entiendo wn. La lengua de este paiz ez espanol…debes aprender ablar asi…pok es bkn, chevere, guay, etc…XD

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