Hola! Can someone please reccoment to me some spanish books?

I am studying spanish A level (in 1st year now) and I am looking for some books I could read. The language cannot be too difficult, as I am not very fluent. I am currently reading “la ciudad de las bestias” and if you know it that is about the level I can manage(It is written for teenagers i think so the…

im in my first year spanish too but i understand most of it and im somewhat fluent. i heard rosetta stone is GREEAAT if u wanna learn a language..but it cost a lot around more than $200. (to me it’s expensive) just try googling some spanish books yourself and see what comes up. the only spanish books that i have are “speak in a week” dont know the author, and it’s helped me w/ some spanish. i also have “my spanish coach” for the nintendo ds which helped me too. try watching lots of spanish shows and listen to spanish music. if u have any friends who speak spanish try asking them to help u. im not much help but good luck on learning espanol!! adios ^_^

Hola! The best thing you can do is going to your local book shop and ask them for a Spanish starter book, they have tons of titles you can choose and they’re like 5 different levels. I can’t recomend you any books I know because they’d be too difficult for your level.

I can’t think of any interesting movies in Spanish, maybe you can look for one you like but dubbed into Spanish.

And music.. I recommend you to listen to some songs from a band called el canto del loco… or from la oreja de van gogh, they’re really popular in Spain and they play cool music.

Hope this helps you!! Suerte!!

sounds weird but try with discovery channel kids at spanish, or i dont know books like el patito feo (ugly duckling)
i speak spanish i want improve my english, if you want we can practice, just tell me

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