How are Muslims unbelievers according to Christians and Jews?

I know that they believe that moses is a prophet that makes them Jews and they also believe that Jesus is a prophet. Their belief is in accordance with jewish scriptures that God is one. And what’s blasphemous in calling Jesus a slave ofGod rather than son of God. In Bible, God has tons of sons. Adam had no…

Christians worship Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the physical manifestation of God the Father who is Spirit. Islam claims He is a prophet only and deny Him otherwise. Therefore, by Biblical and Christian standards, they would be termed “unbelievers”.

Your additional details seems to be far too rambling to make any valid points, please can you clear it up.

As for the bold face question:

From the Christian perspective Muslims reject Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Muslims don’t believe Jesus was crucified for our sins and resurrected. This belief according to christianity is fundamental to having sins forgiven and without that belief there is no forgiveness. Check out 1 Corinthians 15 for the principle objection Christians have. To say that Christians hate that the prophet Mohamed revived the old laws is a gross generalisation, there are many branches of christianity and some branches of christianity also revive those old laws so since Christians are divided amongst themselves on the issue it’s not fair to generalise the way you have.

As for the Jewish perspective, I can’t speak as a Jew but only as one who has spoken to several Jews and is only learning about Judaism.

The principle issue is that no recognised prophet came from outside the twelve tribes. All valid prophets are from Isaac’s offspring not Ishmael’s. Muslims then are unbelievers because they don’t believe the Tanach and Talmud but have chosen to follow a prophet that doesn’t meet with the Jewish definition of a prophet.

Apologies if I have misrepresented anyone’s viewpoints but those are the principle objections to the best of my understanding.

You need to read the Bible AND the Quran. The info you included with your question is misunderstood. It isn’t about what either side doesn’t allow, it’s about what they believe as others on here mentioned. Not referring to Jesus as an equal of God is like calling Muhammed a warmongering manipulator. Both sides can be pretty well argued. One could say Jesus was just a man, but it’s also true that Islam did spread through conquest. Read the histories for a better perspective on the whole picture.

Because that’s what God’s revealed Word tells us.We dare not go against what the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob tells us is truth.It’s a very serious offence and we would be giving people false hope if we were to compromise and tell people” Believe whatever you want.It doesn’t matter what God’s Word says, don’t worry, everything will be fine”….That would be a dangerous lie.

The Lord looks from heaven; He sees all the sons of men. From the place of His dwelling He looks on all the inhabitants of the earth…Psalm 33:13-14.

Judaism does not have that concept and we don’t consider Muslims to be “unbelievers” or “heretics.”

Judaism does not believe that one needs to be Jewish to be a Righteous Human being. Noah (and Jethro, and Job, and Melchitzedek) were all Non-Jews and we believe that a Non-Jew follows the 7 Noahite Laws, they are righteous and go to heaven.


I frankly can’t understand most of the text of your question.

To try to address the first sentence – no, not according to the Jews

Jewish and Muslim religion both (I believe) hold that
the first Muslims come from Ishmail son of Abraham
and the Jews come from Isaak son of Abraham
two sons, two separate inheritances.

Yesm Jesus stated to not worship false idols as well. God has tons of sons and daughters YES..thats what we are RIGHT NOW DUH.

In the odl times people had more than one wife due to was against Gods rules, but God wanted this world populated. NOT a “one child each couple” nation……if 1 wife could not have children..there was another to do that…

the buble was all for monogamy..but then people are people and were disgusting BACK THEN

Because if Jesus were merely a slave instead of the literal, physical Son of God (which in Jewish thought makes Him he equal of God, therefore meaning He is God,) then His death on the cross would be meaningless. But since He is God the Son, His death did atone for our sins.
There are a ton of other differences but that’s the biggest one pointed to by your question.

christians call muslims unbelievers for not receiving jesus as savior who died for your sins, jews aren’t focused on belief as much as being a good person. incest wasn’t baned until later on, with adam and eve designed perfect their was no risk of becoming a circus freak from incest. as far as i can tell those were the only 2 questions you ask here.

mohammed probably was NOT a descendent of ismael, adam’s children did not commit incest, they married outside the tribe, and muslims consider abraham and jesus t o have been muslims, although they were written of centuries before the religion was started.
and yes, muslims are considered unbelievers by both christians and Jews

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