How can I convince my daddy to let me drive?

I am 16 and my daddy will not let me drive. He says I am too immature. So, my brother has to drive me to work, which he finds to be distasteful because he thinks I am EXTREMELY spoiled, so I try to get a ride with my boyfriend instead, but my boyfriend always wants something in return if you know what I MEAN. I…

Lori, driving is a privelege not a right.An automobile in the wrong hands is a killing machine and this includes drivers of all ages.In Ontario,Canada we have a graduated drivers licence and you can take up to 5 years to complete .There are 4-5 stages and each stage has rules you must follow and if you don’t comply you start the process all over again.Your dad has some concerns that you may not be responsible enough to drive.He wants some assurances from your attitude and behaviour that you are sufficiently mature enough to take on this responsibilty.I think as a beginning driver you would go on your dad’s insurance( to keep your premiums down) which also makes him accountable as well if you had an accidents, traffic tickets,etc.You can start showing your dad that you can hold down a job , offer to pay towards the upkeep of the vehicle( gas, oil changes, pay the difference in his insurance premiums,wash car,etc).You can say whatever you want to your dad BUT it will be your actions that will convince him to trust you with the car.Take care.

Perhaps your dad would agree to let you drive it you took a driver’s ed course. A lot of driver’s ed classes these days allow you to take up to 8 or so hours with an instructor. Although it may seem a bit boring and lame, the training you get while in driver’ ed will benefit you for the rest of your driving life. Your father also might see this as a step in maturity.

Lol, I’m sorry Lori, but by the looks of your question lately, I can defintetly tell you’re not ready! You are way to immature(no offense meant!) If you act a little nicer, like stop talking back, stop being spoiled, then maybe he will let you take lessons. Be aware that you might have to do a lot in order to win his trust. Also driving isn’t as easy as it looks.

Being mature! You have a boyfriend that ask you favor in return??? you answers the question yourself, you’re definitely not mature, if you can’t see that this guy is not worth a penny and get a boyfriend that know to respect you and care of you, without expecting anything in return.

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I think if you show your dad he may allow it. Your bf is a jerk for wanting sex in return and your brother is the immature one. Talk to your dad and he will listen.

um, first of all, if you have to give your boyfriend *favors* for him to give you a ride to work, he’s not worth your time.
to convince your dad to let you drive, i suggest that you demonstrate the mature behavior that he is expecting from you.

have you taken drivers ed?
if not, take it, it will show your dad youre serious about driving and it will show maturity

take drivers ed, convice him to let you take that, that is a good way to prove you are mature enough.

yeah first of all talk mature. not all “daddy daddy can i drive”

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